NBA 2k10 association team...?

Russell Westbrook

James Harden

Kevin Durant

Jeff Green

Roy Hibbert

Terrence Williams

Eric Maynor

D.J White

Serge Ibaka

Kyle Weaver

Jason Kapono

Kevin Ollie

Steven Hunter

Hamed Haddadi

Byron Mullens

What do you think of this team? First season and we finished 52-30 in the West and lost in game 6 of the NBA finals to the Boston Celtics. ( Simulated all games )

BQ: Roy Hibbert is upset with his minutes. He only gets around 10 minutes some games but he averages nearly 5 fouls! How can I keep him happy?


Ended up trading Roy Hibbert for Kendrick Perkins

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  • 10 years ago
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    Roy Hibbert needs to be on a bad team that will play him. He obviously does not care about winning. I would say trade him for another role player that can stay in the game for you.

  • unruh
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    3 years ago

    What team did you play with? Cavs? that is superb to confirm Steph and Lebron enjoying on the comparable team cuz they have been the two born interior the comparable city and states. Akorn, Ohio. i'm going to offer you 8.5. Your gamers are all super 3 factor shooter. (Curry, Jason, Kyle, Rudy, Bell......) and who additionally can Play good D. and Tyson Chandler on the bench additionally offering good numbers. superb

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    good roster

    TIP: go to edit player and put Hibberts role to role player then go to player roles and change his role to a sixth man and keep him that way

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