University of Iowa & Illinois State University?

i am going into business so i was wondering, are either of these schools good for business? how good?

is there any thing else you can tell me about them? i will most likely be going to illinois state because iowa costs a lot for out of state, but i'd still like to have info on both, please. :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Out of the two choices that you have, I would recommend Illinois State University. From what I have experienced, University of Iowa is a really big party school. But, Iowa State University has a really good Business program and it is a little bit smaller of a school than Iowa. So, it will offer a little bit more one-on-one than if you went to a larger school. I have friends that go to all three and they say Iowa State is the best, food and all. Also, there are scholarships that would fit to you perfectly no matter where you go to school. Some schools would even give you a scholarship without you having to do anything. It all depends on your major, gender, etc. But, remember this is your education and will follow you for the rest of your life. Pick the school that you want to go to, not the school that costs less.

    Source(s): Experience, school visits, word of mouth, other students, the college websites
  • 5 years ago

    Iowa State has one of THE best engineering programs in the country. You should look at certain aspects. Will swimming help you get a scholarship, full or even partial? Sometimes you have to give up something you love as a hobby to do things that will ultimately better your life. good luck.

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