I am wanting to buy an ipod touch..?

I am wanting to buy an ipod touch. I do not own an aple computer and i do not have itunes downloaded onto my computer. am i still able to put music/videos, etc on it with out those? can you just give me information on how to do all this. and with the apps, do i need either itunes or an apple computer??

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    ipod works with PC. Yes you will need itunes. Everyone should have itunes on their CPU. It is the best music program out there.

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    All that is required is if you have a pc then you would need to download itunes on your windows computer. Itunes software will search all your music, and video files on your computer and will sync those files onto your ipod touch. Then if you have a wireless router, cable or dsl internet then your ipod touch will be able to access the internet anywhere in your house without any fees.

    The itunes software will connect your ipod touch through a cable USB and when you install any apps this is how the apps will be installed to your computer. The majority of apps will cost you to purchase but you will find some apps are free to install and download. The itunes has thousands of music, videos, televisions shows, apps and games for your ipod touch.

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    I also want an ipod touch and I had the same problem.

    Luckily, I found out that you DO need itunes, well I think...but you can download it free at the apple website. You do not need an apple computer, you just have to download itunes.

    If you really don't want to download itunes, then you can download music and videos etc...but itunes just makes it easier

    Hope this helps :)


    For apps you NEED itunes

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    you do need itunes but its free its not like you will pay.

    to get itunes you go to the apple store and click itunes and then somewere around tere it should say downlode itunes.

    How ever to get apps (even the free ones) you will need eather a debit card or an itunes gift card.

    I would recomend geting a refurbished ipod i got the ipod touch (curent gen) and a $15 itunes card for only $200!! It had no scratches and it works great so far!

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    You can get iTunes for free - either by downloading it or getting an iPod (comes with a software CD). If you can't download because you don't have broadband, you can probably borrow an iTunes CD dfrom someone you know who also bought an iPod.

    Ipods will work on PC's or Windows. My son ripped files to his Nano using his new HP desktop - and it's a windows7 machine.

    You need iTunes, but luckily you can get iTunes easily.

    whatever you do, do NOT get Limewire.

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    you should by an ipod touch and get itunes and you can use any computer to use for an ipod i have itunes and and not an apple comp u dont need one

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    If you just want it for the music, save yourself the trouble of buying an overpriced mp3 player and just get a more practical one for much less, you won't have to go through that iTunes b.s. when you want to put music on it.

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