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The MEM- 75 years of experience. Which was the most valuble. New E-Fed!! Realistic one though!! Please Sign up?


K, here is how it works, it is just like i got a Billion $ (NOT REALLY LOL :D), adn i chose to invest in a new wrestling company. I decide 2 start it off by letting the fans choose:

So, what shall i call it:

TMAB- Top matches and Brawling

AMA- Action of Modern America

AWI- Amazing Wrestling Inc.

Ouch AWA- American Wrestling Action

Or my personal FavouriteS:

NBW- Nothing but Wrestling

Wrestling Free for all

Now pick this, when should my show be:




Show name:

Blood Flood



The burn


Loath and Love

Now your last choice, in this E-Fed, do u want to :

Vote for the results

Let me pick them

I have came up with a roster:

Commentators: Iron Sheik, Marm Madden and Chyna

In charge (will gain name later): TBA

Petey Williams

Kaval (joint contract with the WWE)

Alex Koslov

The Boogeyman

Shark Boy

Ricky Ortiz

The Hurricane

Shane Sewell



The Great Muta

Gavin Spears

Blue Demon

The Blue Meanie

Stunners Roster:

Veronika Vice

Christie Ricci

Sojo Bolt




Thanks Guy, this really does mean alot to me!!

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    Nothing But Wrestling.

    Monday Night

    Blood Flood

    You pick them.

    Perfect Roster.

    Hear that name in your mind by the commentary."Hello and welcome to Monday Night Blood Flood!"

    Sounds like ratings going through the roof.

    Source(s): I'd tune in every week for the bloody gory slugfests i expect.
  • I like AMA.


    Blood Flood or Whiplash


    I will be a Commentator if you like and do promos,but i'm in too many E-Feds sorry so i cant sign a s awrestler

  • awi


    the burn

    we vote

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