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How do I properly address my wedding invitations?

In particular, how do I address an invitation for my fiance's Uncle and Family.

We're inviting his two cousins who still live at home but we'd like to give them both "and guest" as they're in their 20's.

John, Jane, Jimmy (and Guest), Julie (and Guest) Smith - just doesn't look right?!

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    I would break it into separate lines. Here are two examples.

    If you are using BOTH an outer and inner envelope:


    The Smith Family

    123 Main Street

    Anytown, USA 55555


    Uncle John and Aunt Jane

    Jimmy and Guest

    Julie and Guest

    If you are using invitations that have ONLY outer envelopes, try this:

    John and Jane Smith

    Jimmy Smith and Guest

    Julie Smith and Guest

    123 Main Street

    Anytown, USA 55555

    In a perfect world, you would send three separate invitations (one to the married couple, one to Jimmy, and one to Julie), but most people understand that invitations are expensive. It's okay to send just one, as long as you make it clear who is included.

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    The invitation should be Mr John Smith & Guest for the person if they are single. If you know the name of there partner then you can write both names Mr. John Smith & Miss Jane Doe. Mr & Mrs John Smith for a married couple.

    So for your uncle and Fiance you will write both names

    for the cousins it would be there names and guest unless they have a girlfriend/boyfriend and you know who they are then you use there names like on the uncles invitation.

    I hope this helps

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    The 'rule' is that every person over 18 gets an invitation of their own, even if they are living at home.

    So you will have 3 invites:

    John & jane

    Julie & guest

    Jimmy & Guest

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    whether they are separated, they are nonetheless a married couple for now, and their invitation must be addressed as such. You in no way understand, they could be waiting to paintings out their variations by ability of the time your wedding ceremony rolls around, exceedingly in the event that they have a background of putting apart and getting back at the same time- relatively, seeing their names on a marriage invitation could be basically what they ought to attain how priceless and relatively worth of saving their marriage is (reported the hopeless romantic...) heavily, nonetheless, as long as they are nonetheless legally married, handle them that way.

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    I think the adults should get their own invite. The fact that they are living at home doesn't matter.

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    i have no idea but i know were tired of wasting money on all weddings and on all divorces we all could use that money to pay our own bills...i guess everyone owes people money for weddings and for divorces then...... call the invitation printers up on phone and ask em or call a wedding planner..... guest looks fine.... also your local library reference people will give you the answer....

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    Have a look on the website below; this should help a little


    good luck

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