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dog registries, AKC v.s. ACA exc.....?

ok so i was just seen a posting on craigslist.org about an aca reg. pug. now i know that that is not a high registration. and i know that AKC is the highest. but i was just worndering if there was anyone out there that could give me a list in order of the registrations because we used to have an akc reg. english bulldog and our neighbor had an aca reg. english bulldog and he kept saying that his dog was better than ours cuz of the registration. now i know that this is not true but if you could please give me a list of dog regisrations in order that would be awsome!

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    AKC is the ***ONLY*** real registry in the US.

    Anything else is a FAKE,used by crooks who CAN'T use AKC!!!

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    Like the one person said, unfortunately even AKC isn't "the best" because they cannot check everyone's home or kennel as they register them to know if all people who have AKC puppies are legit. With that said, the same goes for ACA and other registries. I know for a fact that in my own area near Lancaster, ACA has come through and checked their kennels and breeders and HAVE made quite a few changes and made sure things were up to code after getting word of what was happening.

    BUT again, I can promise you AKC has issues with breeders or homes that are not the best environment for those dogs to be in, registered to their companies and then people are paying top dollar for those dogs based on the "name".

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    Everyone has basically explained it but I'll add on.

    AKC and UKC are all breed registries that are a lot more reputable. They can and do verify fake registrations by DNA testing. People refuse DNA testing quite frequently (posted in their AKC Gazette magazine which names the people who refuse; posted in UKC's Bloodlines Magazine) thereby cancelling out their registrations and all litters as both require proof. Or they've supplied the DNA testing but found to have lied (sire was not right sire stated on litter registration etc) and their litters were cancelled out and stricken from their registration records. Accountability is what makes AKC and UKC more reputable.

    As people said they are just registries but compared to the other registries they usually have slightly higher quality dogs (but not always in every case). I've seen dogs I didn't even recognize as being their breed registered with AKC and UKC. Their parent's were poor examples of the breed but because their parent's were registered with AKC and UKC all the way back to 85 generations ago then that puppy is eligible for registry.

    ACA, Continental etc are registries that for the most part require only a picture of the dog or parent's and cash. Therefore forgeries are common as many responsible breeder's pictures of their dogs have been stolen and used to legitimize a mixed breed puppy as purebred. Therefore there is no guarantee that dog is actually purebred. He could be mixed but just so happens to look like one of the parents. Typically irresponsible breeders register their litters under these registries because they do not require any accountability. In short, their crappy registries. Caveat Emptor when it comes to any dog registered under these registries.

    Responsible and Irresponsible breeders (puppy mills and backyard breeders) will register with AKC and UKC. But you will never see a responsible breeder register with ACA, Continental etc. And that's really the difference.

    Source(s): Experience - 30 years in dogs - showing, training, breeding and registering my dogs in AKC and UKC.
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    In the United States, the only "legitimate" all-breed dog registries are the AKC and UKC (United Kennel Club, not to be mistaken for the Universal Kennel Club, a crap registry trying to bank on the initials).

    That being said, registration *alone* means NOTHING. The AKC and UKC are JUST record-keeping organizations that keep track of purebred dog lineage. They "register" dogs the same way the Department of Motor Vehicles registers your car!! There are Ferraris and broke-down Yugos that have DMV "registration papers".....it is not an indication of quality!

    With dogs, AKC or UKC papers only indicate that your dog is most likely a purebred. It could be unhealthy, may wildly deviate from the breed standard, may come from a long line of puppymill dogs. AKC & UKC papers CAN also be faked/forged....its a bit more difficult with those registries than the crappy ones, but it can be done. The quality of the dog depends entirely on the BREEDER and his/her ethics. If you research the breeder & seek someone who breeds health tested dogs who are conformationally correct and/or capable of doing the "job" they were bred for, you'll get a good quality dog.

    NO good breeder registers their dogs with the ACA, APRI, Continental KC (don't confuse with Canadian Kennel Club, which is Canada's legit national registry) or any of the other alphabet-soup, fly by night registries. These registries typically have NO standard for which dogs are eligible for registration- with some, you can even pay ONLINE to have them send you a set of papers- without anyone even seeing the dog!! I could register my friggin' microwave with the ACA or any of those other crap registries. Which is why they are a haven for puppymillers, designer mutt breeders & crappy BYBs who can't be bothered trying to meet AKC's criteria.

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    Your neighbor was an idiot. In the US the reputable registries are AKC, UKC (for breeds not recognized by the AKC) and breed specific registered such as the ABCA. All other registries such as the ACA, ConKC, APRI etc are scam regestries used by BYB and puppy mills and will register your hamster as a Rottweiler if you send in the money

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    Unfortunately, dog registries are no indicator of quality (when is the last time the AKC or ACA has been to a house to check on the "quality" of a registered dog?). Many people pay hundreds of dollars more for "registered" pets, yet this is a needless expense unless you plan on showing or entering your dog in registry-sponsored competitions or breeding your pet to produce offspring that will be competing when they get older. Bottom line: I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Source(s): www.veterinaryinsider.com
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    ACA is American Canine Association. Which is nothing like CKC (Continental Kennel Club). All you have to do is send in a picture and they wouldn't even know if it is your dog or not and they send you papers. AKC is the only U.S. Registry that matters. There is no Kennel Club higher than AKC. You can have a ACA or CKC that was an AKC but you can't make a ACA or a CKC dog AKC ever.

    UKC - Universal Kennel Club only takes dog that were AKC so that is better than ACA or CKC or APRI, etc. AKC is still #1.

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    There is no ranking. AKC and UKC are the only two reputable all-breed registries in the US. Any other is a scam.

  • ACA= American CRAP Association..

    ACA is a BYB/Puppymill registry .. It is NO GOOD ..

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