why do people look down on employees of McDonald's?

I have worked at maccas for the past 3 years. Throughout that time i have been given a fair wage of $80/week as a casual to nearly $600/week full time (TBH I know there are some ppl in my particular store that are earning $800/week after tax and are only 21 who are not managers)

I have been given beifits like 1 month paid leave each year, 3 weeks sick leave at half pay each year, stress leave, and numerous other paid entitlments. I have recieved a diploma of business paid for by maccas which is recongised accross all of australia. I have been a crew trainer which bumps up my pay $0.65c an hour (which equates to an extra $26/week), and now i am training to be a manager at my store., oh and im only 17 years old.

So my question is why do ppl think just because you work at maccas you are a stupid high school dropout that will make nothing of themselves??


actually i wasnt showing off, i was making a point that working at mcdonalds is just as much of a career as any other business.


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  • Katty
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    McD is seen as your first job - if you stay there for more than 6 months there must be something wrong with you (that is the impression). Really after 2 years you should have moved onto a new company - the longer you stay with McD the harder it will be to get a job outside McD. 2 years should be the limit at your age

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    There is a stigma with working at McDonalds that its just a joke of a job you do when you're a kid. But the reality is some people make money to support their family or themselves in college. You just need to ignore it and keep the big picture in mind. There are a lot of people born into a poor family who complain about it for their whole life as being the reason they couldn't get ahead in life. What you're doing is working hard at a job and doing your thing in school. It will pay off once you graduate and can get another job OR continue at McDonalds and make a career out of it. Most people don't realize that there are positions available to loyal employees in the corporate offices which lead into different business fields and eventually can land them top jobs in the company or another. Don't worry about it, do you really believe your peers working at American Eagle are cooler? Fact is they make less an hour than you and need to spend x% of their pay cheque to buy clothes for work.

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    There is nothing wrong with working at McD's. I have a few cousins who worked there, became managers, and did have it lead to bigger better things. If you have a manager position, it's a great thing to have on your resume for when you are applying for other jobs. There is a lot of money to be made in fast food places, General Managers and franchisee's can make a very good living.

    It's the perception, because it does not require a high school diploma, or a lot of specialized skills to do the job. But I would challenge people to work in a busy restaurant and see how easy it is to have the job of people screaming at you because your cook put pickles on their burger and they didn't want it. Or when it's 105 degrees, they order ice cream and THEY turn it on their side and complain if some drips on them.

    It's not an easy job, I know I have done everything you are doing.

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    Because its the idea that its a fast food chain restaurant, and that anyone can apply without much requirements. Good job on training to be a manager though! Not many ppl ur age earn that much. Lol there's a teacher at my school who attaches a job application to McDonald's to kids who fail on their tests. I guess jobs like engineer or doctor just seems more respectable because they contribute what every perceives as the greater good for society. They require more work in terms of money and education so of course it looks better. But going to college wouldn't hurt :P

    Source(s): I work at a restaurant too and I'm 17, though its my parent's restaurant so customers think its cute that I'm the daugther of the owner.
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  • Geo
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think anyone cares about the benefits and what you make and your age.idk If you were trying to show off but no just stop. As for your question, many people look down on many workers in any work place.more in mcdonalds because they have a history of just hiring drop outs and people who are unqualified.

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