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I feel completely invisible/worthless... I want to give up on life?

Nobody really cares about me. actually, a lot of ppl hate me. my "friends" talk behind my back all the time. I hate high school b/c everyone is fake/snobby, and if you're not rich then ppl don't talk to you. the only thing pulling me through is the fact that i'm a second semester senior, and i'll be graduating in june. that's the only reason why i wake up every day. I honestly think i'm a bipolar, somedays i'm happy, others i'm down in the tubes. when i talk to my mom about it she only ignores/yells at me and says she can't stand me. i'm different from everyone, isn't that supposed to be a good thing? to feel special in this huge world? but i feel like everyone is shunning me b/c of it.. i feel worthless and like no one would care if i die right now. i don't know if going to college is great idea anymore. i used to be so excited about the possibility about moving away and starting over, but lately i'm so depressed that i faldon't even know if i'm going to start this l. should i see a psychologist? anyone ever felt like this? should i try to get my life together or just kill myself?

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    awww i used too feel the same way... high school is like that i know it sucks. people are jerks too. I know ur different and i know how it feels i am too. I used to try and change to please people all the time and to be like everyone else. it never worked. U have to accept it and love yourself for it and others will love you. I've been there. you can get through this trust me. see a counselor if u need to but the bottom line is u need to be happy being you.

    Source(s): I've been in a similar situation.
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    Common, don't kill yourself. You and I both know that high school is detrimentally one of the WORST events that adolescents go through. It's one of the toughest, grueling, emotionally draining things there is, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the academics. I swear, I probably remember maybe 30% of the things that I actually learned in class, and the rest of what I remember is all of the fakeness, the snobby kids, the hype surrounding NOTHING (such as cliques, football games, ridiculous pep rallies, etc...)

    And what I found when I graduated high school in 2008 and now I've been in college for 2 years, is that absolutely EVERYTHING from high school doesn't matter at all once you leave. It's like high school is this little world and once you break free of it, YOU ARE FREE. And you'll never have to go back there again. College is a completely different fresh world where you can actually breathe for once. It's a nice thing to realize. And right now I have a sister who is still in high school and when I hear here talking about all of her high school problems, I'll always just tell her not to sweat any of that stuff, because as soon as you graduate, it's OVER, the slate is wiped clean and you can start over! :)

    don't worry about those so called friends who talk behind your back. they don't matter. they really don't. who cares what they say about you. who cares who they are entirely? in a few months, you don't even have to give them the time of day. :)

    good luck gurl!! :D and college is a good experience!!! go for it!! :)

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    Trust me, I feel the same way a lot of the time also. I feel like there is no one person who actually knows my true self and so I can't relate to anyone. I'm in my second semester of my Sophomore year in High School, and so you probably had this situation to, but I basically replaced my old set of friends and my current group of friends are people I met in High School so our friendship doesn't have the history for each other to know each other that well. I feel that school is a waste of time. Personally I see my only possible future being in music. I play guitar for like 2-3 hours every single day after school, because it is the only way to share my true emotion. So I can't speak out of experience, but I would say that life is what you make of it, and so it is always better to look at the bright side of it.

    PS: I have asked a question similar to this once before, sorry about the people with short comments that say "get over it" and such, I know it doesn't feel as good. But if you want someone to talk to I would be happy to comfort you over email. (colton6196@yahoo.com)

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    Look... I'm from a small high school, lot's of discrimination, people picking on others. But I can tell you this. Life is so precious Valerie. I'm also a second semester senior. I'll admit. I do love life and I wanna experience what's ahead of me. I'm not just some nerd jumping on this website. I am a real teenage guy that sees other girls going through the same things you are or worse. But you're in the very first stage of the rest of your life. You've got love, adventure... heck just life ahead. It can be so much easier if you just let go of your hassles and strains :) and just live. And if it's really bad, I do recommend seeing a psychologist... However, anyone can push through the obstacles in life if they believe they can... if you like :) you can email me too... I'll be praying for you :) Don't give up!

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    Hi - See the counselor and get a referral to a therapist.

    Also go to : cnvc.org

    If your mom or anyone in the family drinks alcohol, there is : Alanon/Alateen 12-Step programs

    There may be other support groups; ask the counselor or therapist. No need to give up! In college there will be therapy services, group therapies and yes, we need each other. Don't try to go it alone. Your mom can't support you but there are others who can and will. You need to seek this out & don't give up.

    Also, do things that you really enjoy every day, even if it's just take a walk. & try not to compare yourself to others - that is frustrating & a dead end street; it's also a bad habit.

    Cultivate good mental/emotional habits One Day At a Time, Easy Does It.

    A good book: Love as a Way of Life

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    Killing yourself is definitely not the answer. A lot of the feelings you are experiencing are quite normal, especially at your age and with the situation you described. The first thing you should consider is talking to a good psychologist, so that he/she can help you become more aware of what is wrong. If you ever feel like quitting life, you need to get help. It is not your fault.

    It is fantastic that you feel special, and do not let anyone take that away from you, not even yourself. Is there nobody that you feel really close to? Someone you really feel you can trust? In addition to seeking professional help, your support system, however small, is very important right now.

    Finally, you should definitely go to college if you can. Despite your sadness, it sounds like you are a smart person and your life is pretty together if you are considering moving away for college. Take care of yourself and please seek professional help and support.

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    You have all the best in front of you, believe me when I say this, when you get out of school you get to start controlling your own destiny and as far as the kids in school, in 10 years you won't remember half of their names, I know, I have been there. I was the fat kid with the high IQ and the funny last name. I have lived a full and prosperous life. I have known true love and victory, along with heat break and failure, but it has been a great road and it still is full of wonderment and fun. Try talking to your counselor at school and see if they will or can help. It helps just to have someone to talk to and "vent". As far as the mood swings, quite often that is your body developing and also you adapting to your maturity----sometimes being mature is great but sometimes it sucks.

    If you ever just need to talk you can contact me at pdcb50@yahoo.com. Being different is OK, it just takes patience to let people understand you.

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    I won't give you platitudes.

    I won't tell you that most of your feelings are common for your age group: the frontal cortex of the human brain isn't full developed until the mid to late twenties, so it would be a waste of time.

    I will quietly mention that you have millions of years of ancestors who fought against amazing odds in order to give you life. You are unique.

    So man-up -- or woman-up, they are the same thing (have been for centuries.) We need you here and we need you functioning. There are people in the future who will be grateful. Many of them are little, or don't exist yet, but they will need you, and will be glad you suffered through the trials of your life to help them. They will make you aware how much you are loved.

    Now, stop the self-indulgence and get back to your studies.

    We need smart loving people around here, and you're a perfect candidate.

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    The best way to feel good about yourself is to help others. Become a volunteer, a tutor for little kids, or get involved with a worthwhile project like Habitat for Humanity. It will give you self esteem and personal pride. You will feel special if you make others who are less fortunate feel special.

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    No babe! GO TO COLLAGE

    fofill your dreams!

    trust me, I feel like that a lot!

    especially right now,

    just don't give up on your life

    just cuz everyone makes you

    feel like you don't belong or

    ppl dont care

    cuz you know so many ppl

    out there care about you!

    i know how you feel

    ive even tried saying im gonna kill myself for attention

    it still doesnt work, but watch

    maybe me and you the two

    who apparently "dont matter"

    will end up changing this world for

    the better! and then look at how ppl act! idk this is

    just how i feel

    im only a sophmore so idk!

    but just dont give up! (=

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