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Why don't they release official confirmation of the body believed to be Chelsea King's?

They released positive identification of Amber Dubois right after they found her body, so what could stop them from publicly announcing the other case?

R.I.P. Amber Dubois

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    Since the search for Chelsea has been called off, I think it's a sure thing that the body is hers. The police have passed the case to the DA who announced that they will hold all evidence and will present it in court. They really want the case against the perv to be air-tight... especially since word came out this afternoon that he's the one who gave them the info on where to find Amber's body. I'm just sickened by all this because I've got family (including 3 girls from 9 to 13) down in that area.

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    The people who have a right and a need to know already know. The rest of us have neither a need or a right to know.

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    Because they are not 100% sure yet. As soon as they are they will.

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