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Should kennedy v. louisiana be overturned?

In this case, SCOTUS ruled that the death penalty is the "cruel" to give out for the heinous rape of a child. No mater how many children raped, no matter how brutal, no matter how obvious the guilt of the defendant is, as long as the child/children survive. This is a miscarriage of justice, there's no other way to put it. The filth who would rape/molest a child are the most worthless pieces of scum on earth, and should be rightfully given death, the ultimate punishment.

What do you think?

By the way do NOT say "life in prison is a worse punishment than death" because it is not. If it was, criminals would choose death over that. They don't. End of argument.


Corio, the law which was overturned by SCOTUS only included the rape of a child 12 years old or younger.

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    Having worked as a Correctional Officer in the state of New Mexico, I can guarantee life in prison would be far worse than the death penalty. Child molesters can't walk in population in prison. "Regular cons can't stand child molesters. They are placed in "protective custody" commonly referred to as PC'ed, and are escorted by staff any time they leave the PC unit. And with all that, someone usually gets to them, as child molesters aren't the only ones PC'ed up. Even a life sentence can end up being a death sentence in prison.

    Death is only a deterrent to those that fear it.

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    You do realize there are cases this could be abused, such as statutory rape? Technically a 17-year-old girl (legal "child") who has sex and her parents flip out could accuse her 18-year-old boyfriend of rape and ... have him executed? Yeah, probably not.

    Capital punishment is idiotic and should be abolished anyway. It doesn't save money (in fact, I believe it costs more) and it doesn't deter crime or "scare" criminals. We have drug cartels carrying out some of the most horrific murders, and I'm going to bet they aren't an ounce afraid of our stupid capital-punishment laws that are mostly only used on mentally ill black men anyway.

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    I do not think the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment.

    Life in prison IS the ultimate punishment, being caged for life than being killed quickly and cleanly.

    However, I think it's immoral. I'm more comfortable with the idea of the death penalty than with life without parole.

    Source(s): I'm also against statutory rape laws. If there's no coercion, there's no rape. If there's actually rape, fry the damn bastard.
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    It has been proven that these child molesters/rapist will never reform. Even the ones who dont recommit want to. I say fry them all.

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