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Do you think 53$ bill for Gas when I live in a small studio and by myself is a lot?

I'm with southwest gas and I never paid for gas before. Last month was 60$ and I know the only things that use gas are my water heater and heater. My heater is never on and I turn on my water heater only when I need to shower for an hour. What's going on?

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    One of 2 things. It could be an over estimate, most places only read meters once every 2 months and sometimes a meter goes 8 to 36 months without being read if the meter reader can't get access.

    So if its being estimated, they usually over estimate because if the gas company didn't over estimate then the people would not let the meter reader in to read the meter for fear of getting hit with a big bill.

    Or its not an estimate then the taxes, surcharges, etc. may add up to 25+ bucks without even using 1 therm of gas.

    The avg gas use in my area is 25 to 40 therms per month. Look at you bill, for a studio, if its over 40 and not an estimate then something is not right.

    Source(s): meter reader 1999 to 2009
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    If they're like our energy company, you can ask them to come over and do a free energy audit. They can tell you where the gas is going. If you can locate your gas meter, what you could do is go look at it, then look at it the next day, to see how much you used. Our winter bill for gas is about $250 a month for our house, but it's 1800 square feet.

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