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Michigan State University or the University of Oregon?

Which school is better? Don't factor in the majors, cost, location, or anything of that matter. Just which is the better school in your opinion? (Campus, Size, Reputation.)

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    Michigan State all the way!

    Ok....I am biased because I graduated there. But I loved that school so much. In the summer time, the campus is just beautiful. There are so many activities to do on campus and lots of free things (renting movies, seeing movies BEFORE theaters, food, etc.)

    It is a big school, with one of the largest campuses in the US. It is a reputable school well. Research is huge there and gets funded for millions because of how good it is there.

    I became really devoted to the school as I went, even when I wasn't a fan before. I really have a lot of pride in it and the sports (although be prepared to be disappointed)

    btw.....if you do go get football season tickets! It is so much fun to be in the student section there.

    Go there, and you will bleed green!

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    Well I haven't visited either so I can't say about the campus. The size of the school can be good or bad depending on the student so again its hard to tell. However while they are both excellent schools, I think that Michigan State University enjoys a better reputation.

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    Michigan State wins hands down. Academically, it's much stronger - a lot closer to its sister school in Ann Arbor than most people would think - and certainly enjoys a much better reputation as a result. I attended MSU for a year (transferring strictly because it was out-of-state tuition) and revisited the campus several times with my daughter a few years ago when she was torn between becoming a Spartan and becoming a Hoosier. (Bloomington won.) It's a great campus and East Lansing is a small city that caters completely to the university...since East Lansing would barely exist without it.

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