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Help PLEASE MSA (maryland state assignment)?

I Have the MSA tommorow what are good test taking tips things to do before and after the test? last year i got advanced on both math and reading ( does not count for our grade) but now i am afraid i wont do as great as i did last here so please tell me some test taking tips!

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    Well i took that test thing for my state last week... to get ready for it i looked at tests from previous years and i practices doing those type of problems though that really only helps with the Math

    Ohh and when you do that thing where you answer questions after reading a story, look at the questions first before reading the story, it really helps

    Getting a good nights sleep and eating breakfast in the morning helps

    And don't forget a pencil... haha i totally 4got my pencil when i had to take a test (:

    Source(s): My experience with tests!
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