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Israel exaggerating Iran, Syria and Hezbollah threat to mask growing internal discord?

Do you agree that Israeli decision makers are exaggerating the threat from Iran, Syria and Hezbollah to mask growing internal discord?

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    I think so, it's a classic Israeli tactic that when the spotlight is on them, they start to switch attention on Iran or Hamas or Syria etc As ever there's internal discord amongst Israelis and they using diversionary tactics but the World should focus closely on Israel and it's actions in the coming months and years.

    And Allah knows best

    May Allah provide guidance


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    @Hoekom jy my haat: um excuse me, but what did Tina exactly accuse Israel of? It appears that your xenophobic attitude towards Islam and Muslims in general confirms what the article is mentioning to be true. Maybe we can all start by rejecting extremism. Yes, including Israeli. .

    Israel is simply making itself look more and more like a hypocritical nation. You can be an Israel apologist all you want, but it doesn't change the fact of what the Israeli leaders are doing. Examples: settlement buidling on Palestinian territories, not recognizing the rights of the Palestinians, not recognizing a Palestinian state, having undeclared/unsigned nuclear weapons (they are doing this while complaining about Iran), carrying out espionage in sovereign nations, etc.

    None of the Arab neighbors do that against Israel do they?

    Sure, Muslims make all kinds of sterotypes of Israel (possibly?). Ever wonder why? Its not just because of religion. Jews are considered people of the book in Islam and is recognized as one of the few truely monotheist religion other than Islam itself. No negatives there.

    What about Zionism? I have met many people who say it is racism (all non-Muslims mind you). To me, its definately a form of discrimination on a personal level. That is something no one wants and not a pretty one.

    Reject fixed views, understand what is best for all. Not just for a particular group of people. That is what religion was partly made for. Not the other way around.

    Truth always prevails weather you like it or not.

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    Iran is not going to ever nuke Israel. 20% of Israel I believe are Israeli Arabs who have Israeli citizenship technically, but view themselves as Palestinians, not Israeli. Furthermore, if the goal is to let Palestinians reclaim the land stolen from them, they are not going to irradiate it. Also, when Iraq used bioweapons against innocent civilians in Iran, the Iranian leader PROHIBITED his people from using the bioweapons fro the same exact reason. Also, there is a mistranslation. Ahmadinejad never said he was going to wipe Israel off the map; he said he wishes Israel could just disappear from the pages of history, meaning he wishes it never came to exist, which most of us in this section wish as well.

    Hezbollah acts more in self defense of lebanon, and unless provoked I doubt the group will do anything. Hezbolalh, to a certain extent, has the support of the people if Israel ever were to invade; the president of Lebanon himself said he would side with Hezbollah if Israel attacked again. Hezbollah's main focus is making sure Israel never occupies parts of Lebanon again and stays out of it.

    All Israel can do is say that it will attack anyone who does not agree with it, like a rabid dog on a chain. It uses the idea of it being weak defenseless Israel while it is the one that stated that Arabs can only be taught by force. Its history shows that it would randomly provoke skirmishes to remind Arabs of their "place"

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    i might definately trust mean face right here, the exterior supporters of the two sides upon Israel and Iran might create drastic repercussions via the entire worldwide community. Iran continuously utilising in addition scary approaches of different international locations alongside with North Korea, and leaders alongside with Chavez consistently attempt to tempt and provoke international locations like the U.S. and Israel. lran has been attempting to do something with a inhabitants that at present does not help the regime in potential (almost over 80% of the present inhabitants are between the an prolonged time of 20-early 30's) for this reason they without postpone discovered via examples like the present protests that for the time of basic terms utilising rigidity won't income administration of its youthful/and huge majority of the inhabitants. As to the guy who mentioned Israel does no longer be waiting to grant an instantaneous and and instantaneous adequate blow to Iran even nonetheless there could be persevered hypothesis right here and the no longer likely-hood of an Israel attack- i might ask if all of us right here recalls the six day conflict ( yup conversing approximately while Israel went to conflict with a brilliant majority of the middle eastern states of -Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and greater than a number of different different states via the middle east that supported the conflict against Israel- following the top effect of the conflict Israel gained particularly a lot of frequently disputed land alongside with- Sinai, Gaza strip, Golan Heights, factors of Jersualem and the west economic enterprise. One might desire the turning out to be escalations does no longer go so a ways to effect in an entire out conflict, yet finding returned upon history unsure if thats a hazard Israel and Netanyahu are prepared to take once you have somone like Ahmadinejad in potential (a similar guy who denied the holocaust ever happend and a similar guy who promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and a similar guy who has yet to truly be met with any genuine or devastating sanctions by potential of the U.S. or different international locations even nonetheless we've heard plenty rhetoric from the present admin. in this)

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    The fact still remains...... that US dropped 2 atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki! That Iraq does not have WMD! The facts are more important than all the smear campaign that anyone wants to make and i hope the world will start to think and be prudent and be fair to all nations regardless of race, language or religion. SHAME! on the so called educated people of the world.

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    yeah, its what their good at.

    actually, lets not be racist here.

    i think THE WORLD is excellent at exaggerating everything.

    especially when it has to do with the Muslims.

    you see, they think that if you make a group of people they dont like look bad, that everyone will hate them. they throw dirt on Islam so no one really see's its beauty.

    but you can take an open minded man and show his a diamond covered it dirt, he will dust it away and he will see the beauty of the diamond.

    Islam is the diamond, and people are the ones covering it up with dirt.

    and the most open minded, truth seeking man will see the diamond underneath the false dirt.

    which may explain why Islam is the fastest growing religion world wide.

    the dirt isnt doing much anymore, its fading and people are seeing the shine of Islam, the shine of the diamond.

    May Allah guide us all to the straight path, insha'Allah.


    Source(s): Allah knows best!
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    Well hezbollah got katiusha missiles and if that ain't dangerous I don't know what Danger is ! While Israel's nukes are for self protection only GEEZ

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    Everything Trina accuses Israel of, Islam does even more strongly. It is ALWAYS making untrue and biased accusations against Israel.

    The only good moslem is a .......

    Anyone want to finish this well known quote for me?

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    try politics sec

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