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Is Giuliana Rancic pregnant?

Hey just wondering if she is pregnant missed the one last night and cant find it on google. my mom is obsessed with this show so answer is most appreciated :)

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    i dont think so...she and Bill were on the View last week and said they were starting IVF in one week. Maybe she had IVF this week but I doubt she even knows she is pregnant yet. I love Bill and Giuliana...i wish the would be my friends!

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    I doubt it since she did a live taping of the View a couple weeks ago and said they still haven't conceived (it was a whole episode on infertility). It's kind of her own fault though. Her doctor told her to put on 10 lbs (because she is under weight) to make it easier to conceive and she refused because she didn't want to get fat. Sorry but if you won't listen to healthy medical advice then maybe you shouldn't be a mother.

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