Theories in psychology?

For my (8th gr.)English class I have to write an 8-12 pg research paper on anything as long as I can find 5-10 sources and enough information to write 8 pages. I would like to write about a psychology theory like why people react this way when something happens or why certain people are seen this way. The problem is I don't know any psychology theories. Suggestions, please???

Thanks :)

(if there's a website or book that talks about the theory,that information would be much appreciated)

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    1 decade ago
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  • 1 decade ago

    8-12 pages on a psychology theory in the 8th grade sounds like absolute torture. I have a psychology degree and honestly I would pick a different subject. Psychology theories can be very complicated and the information on them is usually found in lengthy journal articles. Go to the library and browse the non-fiction section until you find something that has a lot of books on it so you don't have any issues finding sources. Good luck!

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