do you agree with the statement "if its not offensive its not free speech"?

if not please explain why?

What is the difference between a gay bashing joke and a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad?

what is wrong with "hate speech"?

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  • bmoc12
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    10 years ago
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    What is wrong with hate speech is obvious. It is offensive. There is a clear difference between a joke and saying harsh negative things about a particular sexual orientation or religion.

    Almost anyhting anyone says can be offensive depending on the person who hears it and how they interpret it. But free speech is freedom to say anything and not EVERYTHING is offensive. If I walk down the street and say the word "the" to 100 people, not a single one will be offended. That doesn't make me saying the word the not free speech.

    The United States federal government and state governments are broadly forbidden by the First Amendment of the Constitution from restricting speech. See, e.g., Gitlow v. New York (1925), incorporating the free speech clause. Generally speaking, the First Amendment prohibits governments from regulating the content of speech, subject to a few recognized exceptions such as defamation[33] and incitement to riot.[34] Even in cases where speech encourages illegal violence, instances of incitement qualify as criminal only if the threat of violence is imminent.[35] This strict standard prevents prosecution of many cases of incitement, including prosecution of those advocating violent opposition to the government, and those exhorting violence against racial, ethnic, or gender minorities. See, e.g., Yates v. United States (1957), Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969).

    Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, employers may sometimes be prosecuted for tolerating "hate speech" by their employees, if that speech contributes to a broader pattern of harassment resulting in a "hostile or offensive working environment" for other employees.[36] See, e.g., Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson (1986), Patterson v. McLean Credit Union (1989).

    In the 1980s and 1990s, more than 350 public universities adopted "speech codes" regulating discriminatory speech by faculty and students.[37] These codes have not fared well in the courts, where they are frequently overturned as violations of the First Amendment. See, e.g., Doe v. Michigan (1989), UWM Post v. Board of Regents of University of Wisconsin (1991), Dambrot v. Central Michigan University (1995), Corry v. Stanford (1995). Debate over restriction of "hate speech" in public universities has resurfaced with the adoption of anti-harassment codes covering discriminatory speech.[38]

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  • 10 years ago

    "Hate speech" is banned for the same reason that it's not legal to tell someone that you intend to cause them bodily injury. It's a threat, and it's not legal to make threats. Hate speech is speech which incites or compels VIOLENCE against a protected class of people. But the statement "I hate gay people" is not hate speech and it is protected under the first amendment. The first poster isn't quite right on this issue... speech is never forbidden because it is hurtful or offensive to someone.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes, more or less.

    Hate speech is a load of cr@p.

    The true test of Freedom of Speech is tolerating the ideas and thoughts that you abhor in public discourse.

    Any idiot can tolerate ideas and thoughts that they agree with.

  • 10 years ago

    no, free speech is any opinion(criticizing our government isn't considered offensive & it falls under free speech), hate speech is bad because it incites violence & hate & hate is bad

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  • 10 years ago

    although we like to believe there is such a thing as free speech there isn't

    hate speech is wrong because it hurts and offends allot of people and causes a lot of problems

  • doucet
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    3 years ago

    No, it merely tells you what style of fool is calling the question. by using utilising the notice "scoffer" they have faith it lends credence to their ideals because of the fact their holy e book made the STARTLING PREDICTION that "scoffers" might poke exciting at Christians ridiculous ideals. i will inform you this lots. If this is all it takes to be a prophet, i ought to start my ministry. because of the fact i will make so lots extra specific "prophecies" than that.

  • 10 years ago

    yes I do, but you can express yourself freely without being vulgar and insulting. Be politely offensive

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