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Lucy asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 1 decade ago

Lady Gaga or Madonna..?

Y'all know I love Lady Gaga to bits, so I have to choose her. But Madonna = ♥

BQ: Favourite song by each?

Mine are:

Speechless - Lady Gaga

Secret - Madonna

BQ2: Check out this remix, it's amazing!

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Amy: When did I EVER say that Lady Gaga was better than Stevie, who I love, and Beethoven, an utter genius?

I just love Lady Gaga for reasons I cannot be asked to explain to someone who doesn't actually care, so..

Update 2:

Oh, and Lady Gaga learnt the piano by ear at the age of four. That's extremely difficult.

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  • fedfan
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    1 decade ago
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    Lady Gaga.

    I had seen many similar questions before and all or most of answerers chose Madonna about 6 months ago. As you see now, majority of answerers chose Lady Gaga. Bottom line is Lady Gaga is gaining so much momentum and has dethroned Madonna in a short period of time.

    Madonna pop is 80's style and old, and doesn't appeal to younger generation anymore.

    Lady Gaga has introduced new pop style. Her pop melody are more beautiful and her songs are more addicting than Madonna's. She is more creative, more innovative, and more visual than Madonna.

    Her song writing skill is also way better and more unique than Madonna's.

    I have read many threads that her pop music appeal to people who never listened to pop music in their entire life and people who only listen to metal.

    And she is more dedicated to music than Madonna. She has made so much money, but she still doesn't own a house, because she is putting back all her money she earned to her shows for her fans. She works very hard non-stop and she is not taking vacations at islands or living lavish lifestyle.

    She loves her fans very much. She's cried a lot for her fans. She's sacrificed so much for her fans. Her fans love her very much too. That's why her fan base is growing rapidly around the world and is passing any other artists fan base.

    Some people still don't change and stick to their old artists/old styles based on their obsession in the past, and try to trash Lady Gaga. It's okay whoever they choose. But everybody is witnessing Lady Gaga is dethroning other top mega artists one by one.

    Poker Face, Dance In The Dark - Lady Gaga (I love all of her songs)

    Rain - Madonna

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Lady Gaga

  • 1 decade ago

    I've been a fan of Madonna longer, so Madonna but I don't like most of her 2000s songs.

    BQ:Lady Gaga: Boys, Boys, Boys, Paparazzi and Bad Romance

    Madonna, Say Goodbye, Like A Prayer, Get Into the Groove, Holiday, Secret and Beautiful Stranger.

  • Kira
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    1 decade ago

    Lady Gaga, But Madonna is A Queen honey!

    Lady GaGa - Caught in a bad Romance

    Madonna - Die another day :P

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lady Gaga, of course. I'm sure you knew that :)!!

    BQ: Madonna- I know it's not her best song but I love 4 Minutes!

    Gaga- I love all of them but I'll say So Happy I Could Die or Bad Romance


  • I prefer Lady Gaga even though I ♥ Madonna too...

    Madonna- secret (how weird...same song)

    Lady Gaga- Love Games....Money Honey....all of em lol

    I find it funny that Amy (above) uses Trashy and Class in the same sentence.

    How can anyone be trashy with class...that makes no sense dear...

  • Dang that's hard

    But i'll go with Madonna I Grew up listening to her Music

    Madonna Get into the grove

    Gaga Fashion

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like both but I prefer Lady Gaga.


    Starstruck-Lady Gaga


  • Lady GaGa :)

    I love the fact, that she's totally unique and original and that's what makes her so special </3 I love her dress sense and all her songs. I've seen her live and I'm going to see her again when she comes back to London, UK. She always put on amazing and mind blowing performances. I also love the fact that she writes her own songs too and she seems like a nice person.


    Madonna- Get Together

    Lady GaGa- Just Dance (Classic)


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I gotta stay with Madonna however Lady Gaga is pretty awesome like her more and more!

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