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A poetic I wrut fer Monday to c/c plz?

He was eager to love and eager to please, and then he was eager to leave

once bank accounts were cleared, and he was done with the need to deceive

His name was John or Jim or Joe and his last names, he had quite a few

but he was a con man and he did it better than most of the others do

He had the looks of an Adonis and a ready twink in button-brown eyes

His voice was smooth as polished stone and practiced, it was, with lies

He'd pick a moneyed widow out and flash her a whitened G.Q. smile

and make her believe her crow's feet had simply vanished for a while

What he'd leave in his wake were those too deeply ashamed

Whose mirrors spoke more than the truth and added to their pain

He was nearing seventy, despite his ill health, was living well

Though his resigned sighs implied had no more goods to sell

Her name was Jen or Jean or Jo, and her last names, she had quite a few

She was a con artist... who did it better than most of the others do...


Want me to shave yer back while I'm at it, Angus?

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    Loved it. Always like to see - instant Karma at work. Don't go too hard on the voices - they seem to be putting out - some great stories ♥


  • Debra
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    1 decade ago

    A very nice write about that what happens everyday to so many unsuspecting lonely people.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Blah, blah, blah. I'm gonna take a shower.....Wash my back?

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