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Which of the following best describes the impact television had on the world in the 1940s and 1950s? (Points: 3) It contributed greatly to the rapid industrialization and ...show more
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  • 80ist answered 4 years ago
Television reinforced the world's vision of America as a land of plenty.

the launch of Sputnik

French teenagers wore clothing that was popular in the United States.

It made the world seem like a smaller place to many people.

Most businesses and factories close, affecting local economies.

through armed struggle and resistance

The United Nations required them to grant independence to their colonies.

They were experiencing violence, civil war, and unrest.

created a Jewish state within the borders of Lebanon

Some Arabs do not believe Israel should be allowed to exist in the region; others believe it has that right
Jews living in Israel believe that there is no place in their society for people of other faiths.(This has been proven true recently with the expulsion of christians born in Israel!)

Thousands of Palestinians fled their homeland and remain refugees.
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  • desi girl answered 4 years ago
    sorry i dont know
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