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Why don't Tiger Woods mistresses apologize?

Why does Tiger Woods have to do all the apologizing and his mistresses don't have to do anything but make a public expose and, if possible, make money off of the scandal?

Why is it that when there is an affair, the males have to take all the blame. For example, Clinton apologized to Monica for their affair and she accepted his apology even thouht she was just as involved as he was; and better yet, she was the actual one who initiated the relationship.

Why can't women accept the blame as well?

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  • Emma
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    "Why don't Tiger Woods's mistresses apologize?"

    Each woman is free to decide whether or not to apologize and how to apologize.

    These women will not get together and vote on a collective resolution of apology.

    If I recall correctly, at least one mistress has expressed regret for her conduct.

    There's a significant difference between Tiger Woods and his mistresses' conduct.

    Tiger Woods is married; none of his mistresses was married during their affairs.

    Tiger Woods was unfaithful to his wife; none of his mistresses was unfaithful.

    Tiger Woods apparently has admitted that he deserves more blame than they do.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because he wants his wife back and he's made a bad image for himself that *he* needs to rectify. They honestly don't give a damn, if anything they'll be after the publicity and money they can get from selling their stories later. It should be obvious they don't give a damn, they slept with someone who was commited in the first place.

    The person having an affair should take all the blame. They weren't forced into it, it was their responsibility to say no. The males in these cases take the blame because *they are to blame*. They cheated. Likewise if a woman was to cheat she should take the blame for it.

    Whether you are male or female when you are in the public eye, you become a public commodity and you are judged. If you do something, anything wrong, which makes the public feels cheated you have to bow and scrape to get the media on your side again. Doesn't matter if it's cheating, being racist/rude or vicious, all people in the public eye know that the media makes or breaks you along with the public. Hence the mass bowing and scraping they all do.

    I really hate 'enablers' such as these women and I believe that they are almost as guilty as the cheating person but not everyone has this idea. Some people believe it's fine because you aren't the one cheating, others see it as vile-just as I do.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Okay, so here's the thing....technically, Tiger Woods doesn't owe anyone an apology but his wife and kids. Let me go on the record as saying I do not agree with what he did by any means.

    As far as these other women go.....they owe an apology to Elin Woods, but do you really think that a woman who is going to cheat with a married man is going to be stand up enough to apologize for it?

    I think Tiger Woods/Clintons and anyone else who has been caught in this situation is not apologizing to the public because they feel they owe us one, I feel like they do it as a form of damage control.

  • 10 years ago

    Because his error was that much greater, I suppose. He was the one who was married; they were not. And while I think it takes a special kind of whore to sleep with a man she knows is married, technically she's not the one breaking the vows - he is.

    But I am in no way defending their behaviour. I think they *should* publicly apologize, to Tiger's wife and children, and take responsibility for their part in the scandal. It wouldn't have happened without them, after all.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There is a double standard when it comes to apologizing, that's for sure. In this case though, nobody cares about the floozies. Maybe if one of them was someone in the public eye like Megan Fox, she'd have to apologize to Elin and all that too. But since they're people nobody heard of, what

    Well it seems you are Cananadian, so do you remember this? About 8 years ago when we went into Afghanistan the military had that "no sex" policy during combat but two military personel (man and woman) were having sex and watching porn on the top bunk while the lower bunk mate tried to sleep. Well the only one that got in trouble for it was the man. And not only did the Canadian media cover the heck out of it, they never once brought up the fact that she did the same thing he did. And she never got in trouble for's ALMOST as if...rules only apply to men.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    These women are to blame they knew he was a married man> I have no sympathy for them and they sure as hell shouldn't be receiving any financial compensation. The reason everyone is getting on Tiger is he was a married man and should have lived up to his marriage vows. Why did he get married if he wanted to lead a single mans life. If he never married he could have been with all the woman he wanted and no one could have said a word about it.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Because those women want publicity and they're a bunch of scumbags, and besides, they're not the ones who cheated on Tiger's wife.

  • Kris W
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    10 years ago

    I can't think of a time when women apologized for anything publicly. I really can't.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    In these cases many say it's the married man that is at fault, but the women are just as much to blame. They know the guy is married, but their getting something out of the affair and they have their reasons.

    In our society and culture men are openly addressed on national TV as dogs and pigs, such as on (THE VIEW), and women are plastered all over as helpless victims of men.

    Notices it's these Women driven tabloid shows that are a major part in creating this bias against men. If any other media personality dared speak out against women in any form they would be slandered, as sexist and hating women and fired.

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    Sure they did cheat with TIGER on his wife and children. They know he was married and they didn't care who got hurt, their just as much to blame as Tiger.

  • 10 years ago

    I don't think a man should have to apologise to a woman for having an affair with her unless he has misled her as to his intentions.

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