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Update 2:

謝謝 usaselina66 & s 大 ^^

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  • Gary
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    It will be complicated than what every one says.

    In answering your questions:

    1. Apply as a resident. However, you will have to provide your TOEFL as well as you are not graduated from a English-speaking country.

    2. It depends. See below.

    In a simple way, to determine if a student should pay in-state or out-of-state tuition, the institution will need to determine based on your age with the information you have provided.

    If you are 24 years old, your residnecy will be determined based on your parents (if you are not exempted otherwise). Otherwise, it will be determine by your own situation.

    In most of the cases, if you have not establish 1 year of physical presence, you will be subject to out-of-state tuition.

    Although you are eligible for employment and financial aids (with scolarships), please understand that some financial aids and scholarships will be provided based on residency.

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  • s
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    1 decade ago

    不必到出生的那州, 你到想唸書的那州住上一兩年, 就算是該州居民啦. 記得, 要先成為該州居民, 才可以申請該州學校, 獲得學費減免. 假設你是紐約州出生, 想唸柏克萊, 就到加州住個一年, 再申請學校. 如果只是到紐約住一年, 然後搬到加州, 柏克萊一樣叫你繳外州學生的學費.

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  • 匿名
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    1 decade ago

    in-state, 你要在當州住滿一到二年, 並有稅單或是駕照可以證明, 所謂in-state的學費是因為州立大學有由州出教育經費, 而錢由州稅來故可用in-state費用來福利州民, 但, 一旦誇州是不能用in-state的費用, 除非學校特准, 像留優良學生會給獎學金或用in-state學費來吸引學生就讀, 但, 和你美國公民或綠卡又不太一樣, 現在上美國大學都要綠卡或公民, 否則就是國際學生.

    而in-state, 要以就學時狀況, 不會就學一二年後可變更, 因為學生本來就一定會住在州內念書

    但, 你不是國際學生, 可以申請美國助金和獎學金及不限制的打工,

    2010-03-08 23:36:46 補充:

    無論你到那一州, 不用一定要出生的那一州, 記得要報稅和辦駕照, 記得喔, 那是證明你的居住證明,

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