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Does JJ Abrams' Star Trek break off from the story of The Original Series?

I don't really know the story of The Original Series, but I think that JJ Abrams made up his own movie plot without caring for the story of the Original Series. Do you know what he did for the movie?

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    JJ Abrams Star Trek does break off from the Original Series but because he used time travel and a paradox it's okay. JJ Abrams Star Trek was awesome but I believe in the future there are teams of federation ships isolated outside normal space-time to fix any tampering with the time line (see Star Trek: Voyager series; USS Relativity.) That's why the alternate events experienced by young/new Spock didn't effect old Spock. So basically even though his Star Trek is out there on its own it still fits in perfectly within the Star Trek Universes multiple time lines.

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    It's the same characters, but the whole movie is set on an alternate time line.

    The whole idea of the movie was to bring back the characters we all know and love, but without the awkwardness of making the actors try to replicate the great actors of the original tv series to a t, and without trying to stick to the exact time line of events and occurrences that took place during all the movies and the tv episodes. It would have been too hard not to mess that up.

    So, JJ Abrams decided to go back and mess up time a little, so that the characters would have a reason to be a little different, and there would be no need to worry about when things happened in the future. Now, he can call on anything new he wants, or anything from the past.

    But all in all, the characters are pretty much the same, despite a few alterations (spock appears to be showing A LOT more emotion and is currently dating Uhura, and kirk seems to be a little more of a wild child, which may be linked to his experience growing up without a father). Oh, yeah, and there are now 2 spocks. Old original series spock (you know, just in case we need a little back-in-the-day flair) and new spock.

    And, the overall story is the same, you know, the prime directive "to boldly go where no man has gone before"

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    I am really not looking forward for this movie to come out simply because JJ put in too many twists in it to be a "Star Trek" movie. The traditional Star Trek has been totally replaced with stupidity. The only thing that is Star Trek that remains is the names and the uniforms to a point. With that said I will still see it when it comes out on May 8, since I probably would have nothing better to do anyway. Bonus: Favorite Star Trek Movie? I would have to say Wrath of Khan with the 6th one closely behind Bonus 2: Favorite Star Trek TV Series? The Next Generation. I grew up watching it and I loved most of the episodes. Also the Doctor was really HOT! Bonus 3: Favorite Star Trek Character? I have too many to write just one. I mostly like most of the main cast from TOS,TNG & VOY Bonus 4: Favorite Star Trek Villain? Klingons, or would they be considered an ally instead of a "villain"? Nonetheless I love the foreheads and I think the Klingon females would be great too, in somethings. :)

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    a romulan ship from the future goes back in the past and alters things. the future in this "alternate universe" won't necessarily follow the same path that it did in the original series. so, he dosn't completely ignore the original series, but he sets up the movie so that you don't know for sure what will happen. I'm a fan of the original series and movies, but I was really happy with how he handled it.

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    I think he did a pretty good job trying to tie in the original series. I watched the shows...the movies and thought that he did a great job trying to stay true to the series and movies that came before his.

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    Yes and No

    It follows how James Kirk became famous.

    It follows how his crew formed

    however once your past that part.

    then you have a worm hole form from the future where a romulan decides that the only way to defeat in the future is to destroy Kirk as a young man.

    The key to that is Spock

    So yes the destruction of Vulcan hurts the series but could lead to a new way.

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    yes he does but through a parallel universe.hopefully he will change everything back in his last film.

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