What type of canvas should i buy for oil painting?

what type of canvas? i dont even know wat its called, but i wanna try oil painting and need a canvas and a wood stand (or watever u call it). any specific terms i need to know?


great answers im getting so far, i was wondering if there is a difference in the easels, for example if there ar types for watercoloring, and types for oil painting?

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    You can oil paint on anything, so long as you prime it with gesso first. If you're just starting out I wouldn't suggest doing media studies on expensive canvas, a reasonably thick paper will work just fine.

    Buy the cheapest gesso in the store, my $3 tub works just as well as my $15 tub. Pre-primed surfaces aren't usually primed very well, it's cheaper and more effective to just do it yourself. I slap on about 3-4 layers with a sponge. If you don't prime your surface, oil paint tends to soak in like marker (not good).

    When you start doing "serious" paintings, I recommend trying a variety of surfaces. I personally don't like the texture of canvas, and prefer to paint on wood/masonite. Whatever floats your boat!

    To oil paint, you need:

    - oil paints (I recommend burnt sienna, white, and a warm/cool shade of yellow, red, and blue)

    - oil for diluting (turpentine is nasty. The orange stuff is nicer, but it's all bad for you so make sure you keep things ventilated)

    - oil for cleaning your brushes and hands. I use cooking oil because it's cheap, non-toxic, and gets the job done just as well. Then I wash with soap to get the cooking oil out!

    - the aforementioned gesso and painting surface

    - natural bristle brushes

    - rags. I also use Q-tips.

    - a palette. Look for something that closes and seals, your paints will be usable for months!

    - easels are optional.

    EDIT: as far as easels go....

    there's a specific type for watercolour, because watercolour is really dependent on gravity and what angle your paper is at when the water dries. Basically it just allows you to adjust the angle more.

    But with oil/acrylic paint, it doesn't matter really, so long as you are comfortable and aren't looking at your painting from a strong angle that will cause distortion. I have a cheap fold-up aluminum one that's great for portability, but sometimes I'll paint with a small painting on my lap or a table. Don't bother getting a big wooden one, unless you have a great big studio to go with it, it'll only cause inconvenience.

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    Canvas For Oil Painting

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    The best type of canvas I've ever used to paint with would probably be double-primed pre-stretched duck cotton canvas. It's already primed with gesso and it comes on wooden frames. Don't get the kind with staples if you intend for your painting to last a long time. The wood stand is called an easel.

    If you're just starting out, get some cheap canvas panels to practice on.

    Oil paint takes a long time to dry, sometimes up to two days. You will also need a jar of turpentine or a similar solvent to clean your brushes off.

    You might also want to try acrylic paint. It dries within an hour and is water soluble. It's also cheaper.

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    Just a regular wrap canvas, and if you have a Michael's close they are 50% off as the item of this week!

    Here is a link:


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    any art supply store,have various cotton or canvass based cloth, specific for your use.what your wood stand is,an easel, also comes in various sizes and shapes.will be found in any art supply store

    Source(s): i am a very good customer of art supplys
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