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Who won the winter Olympics? Vancouver 2010.?

some said US cuz they had the most medals, but some said Canada because they had the most gold. so which?

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    If you were to give the gold 3 points, silver 2 points and bronze 1 point

    the US would have 70 points

    Germany would have 63 points

    Canada would have 61 points

    But they don't do that they only win events there is no winner of the whole Olympics

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    Nobody "wins" the Olympics. Some countries just accumulate more medals than others so as to get a medal count.

    Then again, possibly Vancouver, if it made a substantial profit for hosting the competition.

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    There is no "winner". The US got more medals. Canada got more golds. That's it. There is no overall winner. That is not the point of the Olympics.

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    Apolo Anton Ohno actually won the entire Olympics because he's just that cool of a guy!

    @ursaitaliano70: Vancouver has a $1bil+ debt from hosting the olympics and have already cut some health care and education. Not too much profit, lol.

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    Alright, just eat your cake. And give some to Joannie Rochette.

    I assume you are a Canadian. But if you are an American, just eat a piece of apple pie and throw the rest at NBC.

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    depends what you mean by win.

    canada had the most gold medals (14) but the United States had the most overall medals. if you want to go by points, say a gold medal is worth 3 points, silver is worth 2 points and bronze is 1 point, the United States would win that too. So I would say the United States won.

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    There isn't a winner to the olympics. There are winners for each event but no overall winner. No one country can win it.

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    personally i dont think any country can win the olympics per se.

    but i guess its up for interpretation, quantity vs quality i guess...

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    Check here:

    There is your answer

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