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San Diegans:They just found the body of Amber DuBois, another teenager killed like Chelsea King. Your thoughts?

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    I grew up in Poway (I live in Mission Valley now) and my parents still live in Poway, where Chelsea King lived. I was also in the Poway High School band and graduated just 2 years ago in 2008. I did not personally know Chelsea King, but I knew of her and knew who she was. Her disappearance and murder really shook me up, as it shook up the entire community.

    Last year, when I heard on the news that Amber Dubois went missing while walking to school in Escondido, I was devastated. I was only one year out of high school, my brothers were/are still both in school, and at the time, I lived in San Marcos, right on the border of San Marcos and Escondido and spent a lot of time in the Escondido area. I was so upset... I was so optimistic at first that they would find her. As the weeks, months, and then year went by, I was was saddened by what seemed like some people had forgotten about Amber. I googled her and found her website and visited it all the time to see if there was any recent news, but not much luck.

    My heart aches for her parents. I have always heard people say "My heart aches", but I never really understood what it meant for your heart to ache. It is a feeling that is hard to explain.. it's like, your whole body is numb except for your heart and your eyes, which draw tears.

    We don't really know exactly what happened to Amber, especially since all that was found were skelatal remains. I hope that with Chelsea King's case right now, we will be able to find out who did this horrible act to such a sweet, incredible little girl, Amber Dubois.

    I am only 20, yet I feel like both of these girls are my "adopted daughters". I feel for them and I wish so badly that I had the chance to get to know them before their disappearances and deaths.

    Rest in Paradise Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. You will never be forgotten.

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    i live in northern san diego, only a few miles from pala, the indian reservation where amber dubois was found and about 20 minutes from where chelsea king was found.

    the way the cases were handled seems really unfair to me. i feel that chelsea's case got WAY more immediate attention than amber's. what the state of california did for chelsea king's case with amazing, they had officer's as far as santa barbara (6 hours north!) coming to help search. i wish the same would have been done for amber and i hope they use the same strategy in every missing child case from now on.

    it's just heart breaking any way you look at it and i don't feel that san diego is a safe place to live anymore.

    my thoughts and prayers are with the families of both these girls.

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    I am pissed to no end. Our precious children are brutalized and we only have our liberal courts to blame. sure give the monsters a fair trial, find them guilty then cut their manhood off with a dull knife and let the the bas.terds bleed to death. and if they survive that, slit their throats with a rusty razor blade.

    I have been against child predators since i don't know when. a quick and easy execution is too good for this type of vermin.

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