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how many oscars have been won for the potrayal of a REAL person.?

out of how many oscars awarded (separate in categories - actor, actress, supporting actor and actress) ... trying to prove a point to a friend who says it is a disadvantage to play a real person... of late it seems that there have been MORE going to those who portray real people... does anyone have a tally?


looking for like... 5/15 (5 of 15 if 15 was the total number of oscars over time... so

actor -

actress -

supporting actor -

supporting actress -

thanks for the help!

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    Portrayals of actual people have long been Oscar favorites:

    Sean Penn ~ Milk

    Jamie Foxx ~ Ray

    Geoffrey Rush ~ Shine

    Jason Robards ~ Julia

    Ben Kingsley ~ Gandhi

    George Arliss ~ Disraeli

    George C. Scott ~ Patton

    Helen Mirren ~ The Queen

    Martin Landau ~ Ed Wood

    Charlize Theron ~ Monster

    Vanessa Redgrave ~ Julia

    Adrian Brody ~ The Pianist

    Nicole Kidman ~ The Hours

    Spencer Tracy ~ Boys Town

    Yul Brynner ~ The King and I

    Anthony Quinn ~ Lust for Life

    Cate Blanchett ~ The Aviator

    Robert De Niro ~ Raging Bull

    Marcia Gay Harden ~ Pollock

    Barbra Streisand ~ Funny Girl

    Gary Cooper ~ Sergeant York

    Hilary Swank ~ Boys Don't Cry

    Julia Roberts ~ Erin Brockovich

    F. Murray Abraham ~ Amadeus

    Walter Brennan ~ The Westerner

    Daniel Day-Lewis ~ My Left Foot

    Luise Rainer ~ The Great Ziegfeld

    Marion Cotillard ~ La Vie en Rose

    Philip Seymour Hoffman ~ Capote

    Jeremy Irons ~ Reversal of Fortune

    Judi Dench ~ Shakespeare in Love

    Jennifer Connelly ~ A Beautiful Mind

    Estelle Parsons ~ Bonnie and Clyde

    Reese Witherspoon ~ Walk the Line

    Paul Scofield ~ A Man for All Seasons

    Susan Sarandon ~ Dead Man Walking

    Sissy Spacek ~ Coal Miner's Daughter

    Paul Muni ~ The Story of Louis Pasteur

    Katherine Hepburn ~ The Lion in Winter

    Mary Steenburgen ~ Melvin and Howard

    James Cagney ~ Yankee Doodle Dandy

    Jennifer Jones ~ The Song of Bernadette

    Gene Hackman ~ The French Connection

    Shelley Winters ~ The Diary of Anne Frank

    Joseph Schildkraut ~ The Life of Emile Zola

    Forest Whitaker ~ The Last King of Scotland

    Joanne Woodward ~ The Three Faces of Eve

    Mercedes McCambridge ~ All the King's Men

    Charles Laughton ~ The Private Life of Henry VIII

    Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke ~ The Miracle Worker


    Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand tied EXACTLY for Best Actress, both playing historical characters: Eleanor of Aquitaine and Fanny Brice, respectively.

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    Sean Penn - Harvey Milk

    Forest Whitaker - The Last King of Scotland

    Helen Mirren - The Queen

    Pillipp Seymour Hoffman - Capote

    Reese Witherspoon - Walk the Line

    Jamie Foxx - Ray

    Cate Blanchett - The Aviator

    Charlize Theron - Monster

    Adrien Brody - The Pianist

    Julia Roberts - Erin Brochovich

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  • Best Actor: Adrien Brody as Wladyslaw Spzilman in The Pianist

    Best Actor: Sean Penn as Harvey Milk in Milk

    Best Actress: Hillary Swank as Brandon Teena in Boys Don't Cry

    Best Actor: Forrest Whitaker as Idi Amin in the Last King of Scotland

    Best Actor: Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles in Ray

    Best Actor: Ben Kingsley as Gandhi in Gandhi

    ...those are all I know

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    Cate Blanchett for playing Katharine Hepburn in the Aviator

    Adrian Brody for playing Szpilman in the Pianist

    Schindler's List won seven oscars

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    it style of looks like it fairly is ordinarily author-directors or producer-directors - the Coens won for steerage and for many suitable adapted screenplay for No u . s . for previous adult males, and Peter Jackson won for producing, writing and directing the final Lord of the rings action picture. Billy Wilder additionally pulled off this hat trick for The house in 1960, and won for writing and directing The misplaced Weekend. Laurence Olivier won for producing Hamlet and even have been given maximum suitable Actor for it. there are probable much greater; the main suitable thank you to be sure may well be to ensure year-by skill of-year at each and every ceremony.

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