i just threw the remote at the big flat screen tv and broke it?

i have anger problems. like if you walk past me, i want to ******* kill you. those kind of problems. and im still mad right now. but today my mom ******* walked past me. stupid *****. i hate when people are in my bubble. so i kicked the coffee table hard as **** like 50 times and all the stupid papers went flying everywhere and the ***** wants me to pick the **** up. so i said whatever and she starts walking up the stairs so i throw the remote at the tv. its a 46 inch i think, flat screen LCD TV and it ******* breaks it. yes a big splotch on the screen now.i screamed HAHA i broke the TV. but i dont know if she heard me or not. and now since i'm just a brat and not a physcopath, the guilt is starting to set in and i feel like ****. i can't believe i broke their expensive *** TV they just bought!!!! wtf. what should i do. they bought it at best buy. does warranty cover unmedicated grown children that should be hospitalized or is there something i can do? or will it just fix itself. i feel horrible. And i wanna talk to God but i dont think he's listening. i really suck as a human being i know this. i dont know whats wrong with me. i want the whole world to bow down to me and nobody will do what i want and i think everyone should take care of me because im unstable but nobody wants too. and then if eel bad b/c im so sick. wtf. what should i do.


I AM 21 years old. i am ripping my mothers soul out of her and i can't stop.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    as an employee of best buy i can assure you that the black tie protection plan nor the warranty from the manufacturer will cover this

    your probably looking at $1,000 or so to replace the screen

  • TV guy
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    1 decade ago

    The TV is gone and no warranty covers it, but if you have home insurance, maybe they will cover it.

    I see some serious grounding in your future, but these thing happen. Apologize to your parents and try to control your emotions better. Teenage anger is quite common and it will pass away as does everything else.

    Good luck.

  • 5 years ago

    Go to Ebay and search for a similar TV and see what they are selling for. the key is what they are selling for not what people are asking for.

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