I have a question for WOW about a warrior?

I have a lvl 80 Warrior on World of Warcraft and I just wanna know where his stats should be. Hes a dual spec Fury/Prot and his race is human. Below is a link to the Armory page for him. Im mainly concerned with the caps for str, crit, exp, and where he should be for Armor Pen. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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  • 10 years ago
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    I have a Troll Warrior on BWR (RP).

    Fury's caps are 168 Hit minimum. 26 / 26 Exprt.

    your Warrior is fine on Hit for Fury, but your Exprt is really short on being capped.

    and ArmPen / Haste are all bonuses from your gear. the main things you want to aim for is your caps, stacking Str, and getting your crit up between 35% - 40% (personal preferance).

    your crits fine, hits good. and i'd personally swap out your gems to Str gems. get the Meta that requires 1 Red / 1 Yellow, and 1 Blue.

    use the +10 Stats gem for the Blue (its Prismatic, will count as any)

    1 Str / Crit mixed gem for the Yellow, and the rest of your gems should be Str.

    you can get +32 AP - Boots, AP - Gloves, Haste or Agi are good for a Cloak enchant, you also want to get your Shoulder Enhancement from Sons of Hodir.

    currently sitting at around 400 Hit (off gear, and i didn't aim for it cause it had hit :P) and sitting with 30 / 30 Exprt.

    other than that. you don't want to push past 40% crit. i've pulled off of all classes of tanks in 10 - 25 ToC, as well as in 10 ICC because of too much consistant critting. lol

    so, what you really want to aim for is:

    200 Hit Min.

    24 / 24 Exprt Min.

    (don't want to get lower on either, you'll DPS will start to take some cuts)

    all Str gems / chants.

    if you want pointers on specs, seeing as just a few points can make a big difference in DPS or threat while tanking. look up my Warrior, Detrimental - BWR.

    (have pulled 9465.7 DPS on the Twins in 25 ToC with current gear and spec, and yeah. i know its easy to get high DPS on the twins, especially if you whore yourself to the god mode buffs. but try nearing 10k with only 1 buff near the end of the fight :P)

    Prot / Fury ftw :P

    hope this helps

    Source(s): Personal Experience With My Warrior.
  • 10 years ago

    well i have a tauren warr

    Eu Dragonblight

    for the armor pen get the trinket from the new heroics it will give you the needed Arm pen

    and for the rest of the gear just keep gemming and get the expertise trink from totc 10

    and gem your gear for str as for the crit its with the arm pen trink

    Source(s): Experience
  • 10 years ago

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