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Zionism vs. Islamism: Which do you prefer to win?

I am an atheist. I detest any form of theocracy. As a choice between the two, all rational people must chose Israel.

The state of Israel is a democracy that isn't run by a religious elite. Any religious claim to land that some jewish people assert, deals with only a tiny sliver of the earth...we call it "Israel". Zionism is not a "earth conquest" religious doctrine like that of Jihad. Anyone who has studied Islam in some depth knows that the core doctrines of Islam demand total global domination for allah.

Almost all armed conflict worldwide is Islamic. Historically, muslims have always been at war and have actually ruled a much of the known world for as long as 600 years. There have been three major Islamic empires (Umayd, Abysid, Ottoman). The growth of all of the empires were founded on the doctrines of Jihad. Historically the phrase for Jihad was "House of Islam and House of war". Muslims recognized only two spheres, the lands already conquered for Islam and the lands to wage war upon.

So as a practical matter, I support Israel so long as Islam exists. The jewish state must fight off ravenous muslims on a daily basis. Israel's existence right now is very very useful. Furthermore, if humanity is ever so fortunate as to be rid of Islam, I suspect all religious claims to land will soon die off naturally. True believers in the state of israel are a tiny minority. They are already a democracy with a highly educated populous. If the world finally starts vetting religion...they will follow suit.


ORACLE: No way your a COPT. I have talked to many Copt's and every one of them could tell me hundreds of stories about Islamic persecution dating back for as long as they have lived there.

Copt's are very cool! I havent met anyone from that community that couldnt make me laugh my a-off. The jokes they can tell you about Islamic insanity are absolute gold. If political correctness wasnt a barrier, the material would dominate the comedic arena.

No way your a copt. Don't believe it for a second. No chance.

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    I support everything you say. Historically, zionism is far less dangerous and far less imperialist. The Qu'ran preaches hate and war, unlike the Bible.

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    There still does not have to be a huge war between the two. If the Palestinians were allowed to have a state with practical borders, most further conflict could be averted. It is not true that "Historically, muslims have always been at war ", but let's suppose it is. What would you say about Europe if this was 1945. Have you ever heard of the 100 years war?

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    False choice.

    And if you knew anything you would know that radical Islam only made its rise following the creation of the state of Israel. Prior to that there was far more secularism in the "Islamic" world than there was in Europe or America.

    If you take Syria and take Israel guess which country has more religious freedom and tolerance? The answer to that is Syria. In Syria, almost all Christians are middle and upper class, dominant in several areas of the country in total population and there is also a part of Syria that is almost all Druze. In Israel if you are not Jewish then you are discriminated against. Anyone with any experience knows this.

    Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in peace and balance throughout North Africa and the Levant before the Zionist project began. It was the Zionist project that caused all of this

    Source(s): Egyptian-American Copt who is in America and not Egypt because his family left Egypt due to the persecutions against Copts that began only after Israel was created and radicalized the region
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    they're both doomed to lose in the long run,

    globalism will melt them in

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