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Why People involve Personal Life when They judge a batsmen?Ricky Ponting is True Legend,then y People Hate?

Under his captaincy Aussies won world cups........he is Great motivator.

Truely Legend

Greatest Fieldor in world Cricket

His Technique

Balance between his Defence n aggression In test Cricket.perfect......?

Still His running B/w wickets is superb........

its really funny n even unfortunate people say bad abt Him...Judge him as a aussie

Judge him as A Batsmen............

as Captain..........

its really meaningless to hate or say abd abt his nature n all rubbish .................

i agree everyone has different views but disrespecting Legend Like Ricky Ponting is really Logic less...

n the prob is the people who critiize him or say bad abt him.wht they have achieved in Life? have they right to say bad to one of legendery Baytsmen Like Punter.......?

Its fair?

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    theres no doubt abt ricky's ablities n contrubutions to d world cricket...

    he is truely one of d gr8 st captains aussies hav had... but still people all over d world hate him for few reasons... 1.Attitude 2.Irresponsible Comments 3.Lack of ability to gracefully carry d responsibility of being a legend....!!

    Remembe:- Steve Waugh (Aus) Hansie Croneo (SA) Bran Lara (West Ind)

    All theses guys hav contrubuted hugely to d world of cricket...but hav never ever misbehaved or given an irresponsible statements.... Ponting does lack these factors!!

    Even though he is the most successful captains of Aus... Still he would never b the most Respected-one Ever....!!!

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    No doubt about his talent Ponting was a spoil before he was thrust upon captaincy. he also brought this attitude in his captaincy, that is arrogance and disrespect to opposition.

    When you disrespect opposition and want to win every match by any (foul)means then you didn't deserve respect and hopefully don't expect.

    Captain is as good as its team's weakest player so in that sense Ponting was lucky that he was captain of Australia just like Clive Loyed or Viv Richards were the captain of all conquering West Indies of 1970s and 80s.

    And foremost things respect comes from inside, you can not force anyone to respect a particular player, it is his discretion so let it accept that although Ponting is not a loved player but one of the best batsman.

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    How many participants here would meet these cricketers in personal life, to form decent opinions about them, for the person, these cricketers are-- my point is, all these opinions are formed on the basis of , what we see of a cricketer on the screen, what we hear of them, on tv or read of them in papers & mags.

    Sachin has said about comparisons-- every individual cricketer has his own place, so does Ponting, he has great stats, batsman & captain, so no one can deny him his space, which he deserves on merit alone!!!

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    Ponting just another cheat for the Aussies like Steve Waugh.

    He always cheat with others and his have been always be a part of match fixing and bribery.

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    Were you born yesterday girl? Ponting is a true legend? when did that happened? Look, no body's talking about his drinking habits,whatever he did on the field is enough to hate him.Who called him a disgrace?,his own country man and former cricketers' from his country.After scoring this much runs,he's not even considered as a cricket icon,wondered why?True legend!!.

    Guy just lead a team that Steve Waugh build.I'd credit Waugh for that the three WC win.and please don't judge anyone based on their team's performance.I still don't accept Dhoni as a good captain whatever be India's winning percentage under his captaincy.

    Source(s): @Sabareesh -- Nayeende makkal enthalade parayunne.ittingakonnum vivaram ille.
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    Most important is ,he is the captain.Big pressure even yousuf forgot to bat as a captain.

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    Nobody 'hates' Ponting......

    It is only that most of English cricket fans and Indian cricket fans dislike him for his arrogance, that's it......

    Ponting's 'great captaincy' wouldn't have been possible without Warne, Mcgrath and co., just like Dhoni's captaincy wouldn't have been good without Sachin, Dravid and co.

    See, Ponting is a superb batsman, but has a little bit snobbish attitude. So people dislike that, nobody 'hates' him......

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    ya he may be one of the great player,but we cant say he is a legend.He is too naughty in the field

    he dont know to respect the opponents. he can be the legend but the question is who will kill sacin?

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    i like ponting but he is not a gentleman

    always like to make fun of him its fun but i do respect him

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    10 years ago

    Tricky Pointing

    King of Cheating

    Ball not catching

    Say he catching

    Umpire giving.....


    and that is why he is legend. Nobody hates him. We all respect him.

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