I need a good book(s) to read :)?

i am 16, although i am reading at a college level. Some of my favorite books are The Lovely Bones, 13 Reasons Why, Its Kind of a Funny Story, Afterr, and yes, i am OBSESSED with Harry Potter :) (although i dont really like other fantasy). I like advanced, and haha yes, depressing subjects :) im very desperate, ive been to all the libraries in this area, and for the last time, TWILIGHT IS NOT AN ExUSE FOR ACTUAL LITERATURE. i read them years ago, and it was a quick and fun read, but um, thats not what im looking for. So please, no Stephanie Meyer, Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessenn (Ugh!), but list the depressing, dramitic, emotional, well written pieces :) List as much as you can, or are not lazy enough too :P (haha i get lazy too no worries) thanks! :)

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    hmm... Here are a couple you might enjoy:

    - (one of my favourite pieces of literature - If you haven't read it already, it is definitely worth your time): Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Heathcliff, an orphan, is raised by Mr Earnshaw as one of his own children. Hindley despises him but wild Cathy becomes his constant companion, and he falls deeply in love with her. When she will not marry him, Heathcliff's terrible vengeance ruins them all - but still his and Cathy's love will not die . . .

    A story of doomed love and revenge with a brilliant new introduction - S. E. Hinton.

    - (This one is really intriguing and is all based on actual science that is around today!) Prey by Michael Crichton. Blurb on the back of the book: In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong. A cloud of nanoparticles—micro-robots—has escaped from the laboratory. This cloud is self-sustaining and self-reproducing. It is intelligent and learns from experience. For all practical purposes, it is alive.

    It has been programmed as a predator. It is evolving swiftly, becoming more deadly with each passing hour.

    Every attempt to destroy it has failed.

    And we are the prey.

    As fresh as today's headlines, Michael Crichton's most compelling novel yet tells the story of a mechanical plague and the desperate efforts of a handful of scientists to stop it. Drawing on up-to-the-minute scientific fact, Prey takes us into the emerging realms of nanotechnology and artificial distributed intelligence—in a story of breathtaking suspense. Prey is a novel you can't put down.

    - Also try All Around The Town by Mary Higgins Clark. Blurb on the back of the book: When Allan Grant is found stabbed to death, Laurie Kenyon’s fingerprints abound…

    To cope with the trauma Laurie suffered after she was kidnapped for two years at the age of four, she has developed a multiple personality. The real Laurie has no recollection of the shocking murder.

    The key to Laurie’s innocence lies in what happened during her two years of hell. Bic Hawkins, and his wife Opal, Laurie’s abductors, are now prominent television evangelists. Bic has threatened Laurie with death if she talked – a threat he may have to carry out…

    This book is absolutely amazing. It is so suspenseful, it absolutely kills you. The characters are also really interesting – the abductors were hippies, and in the book have become preachers for God. Laurie is interesting, as she suffers from a multiple personality disorder, and it’s like she switches from one person to another in the book. She has different names for her different personalities, and each ‘person’ reveals small parts of what happened to her when she was abducted. For example, in the book, her personality of looking after herself is called Kate, and her four-year-old upset self is called Debbie. She switches from person to person when she feels differently, and they each fill out a bit of the puzzle…

    Hope I helped!

    Source(s): I've read them all and couldn't put them down!
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    Some of those are from feminine views, a few could also be just a little "girly lady" on your liking however others will have to be ok. I've left each style on and you'll be able to make a decision. Meryll of the Stone (Brian Caswell) Picnic at Hanging Rock (Joan Lindsay) Stranger with my face (Lois Duncan) Playing Beattie Bow (Ruth Parks) My Sister Sif (Ruth Parks) Hitch hikers advisor to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) Holes (Louis Sachar) Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit Eragorn trilogy Narnia The Golden Compass Interview with a Vampire (Anne Rice) Requiem for a Princess (Ruth M Arthur) Looking for Alibrandi (Melina Marchetta) Angels Gate (Gary Crew) Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Pelican's Creek (Maureen Pople) The Diary of Anne Frank To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) The Shiralee (Dárcy Niland) Into the Wild (John Krakauer) Chocolat (Joanne Harris) Harp within the South; Poor Man's Orange; Missus (Trilogy by way of Ruth Parks) Where the Heart is (Billie Letts) My Place (Sally Morgan) Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) Rebecca (Daphne De Maurier) The three Muskateers (Alexandre Dumas) Anything by way of the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen Whatever you do don’t run The December Boys (Robert Noonan)

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    The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

    The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini

    The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan

    A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

  • A Child Called IT and She Said Yes are mature and very emotional but not very challenging If you want a Challenge read The Stand By Stephen King

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    His Dark Materials trilogy is definitely my favorite series. Also, you might like The Book of Bright Ideas and My Sister's Keeper. The Day I Killed James is a good book. If you like 13 Reasons Why, you'll like it. Of course, the best book ever is Tuck Everlasting, but I don't think that is the type of book you're going for.

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    1984 by George Orwell (my fav)

    A Thousand Splendid Suns

    Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

    Dracula by Bram Stoker

    Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

    Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

    Try reading some classic novels they're a lot better than some of the ones in bookstores today.

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    Highly recommend this one: Forever Amber - Kathleen Winsor

    Taken by Storm - Angela Morrison

    Sing Me to Sleep - Angela Morrison

    The Tea Rose - Jennifer Donnelly


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    Nokosee: Rise of the New Seminole by Micco Mann. It has the defiant voice of a 17 year old girl who manages to overcome everything thrown at her in the course of the novel which is a lot-- and she does it in a way that would make all girls proud-- not in a superhuman way or through the assistance of some heroic act of a man but via her own means.



    Cherry by Mary Karr. A memoir about teens, sex, drugs and growing up in rural Texas as told through the gritty, beautiful prose of one of America's best writers. It's a book every teen girl should read. If the opening paragraph doesn't do it for you, nothing will (you can read it on the Amazon link below).


    The Liar's Club by Mary Karr. Another moving memoir recounting her earlier years (you should probably read this one first and then Cherry).


    The King Must Die by Mary Renault. Set in ancient Greece it follows Theseus on a journey of discovery while painting a vivid picture of the times. Loved the descriptions of young uninhibited Greeks running buck naked up hills and through forests and making love among the flowers. The scenes of naked teens jumping bulls with back flips cries out for a cinematic interpretation. Ms. Renault's written a series of historical novels set in this period and all of them are so worthy.


    The People by Zenna Henderson are psychically gifted extraterrestrials who look like humans. They become stranded on Earth after their starship crashes during a space migration they refer to as the Crossing. What transpires is an engaging look at us meeting them in a desert town in Arizona. The series inspired Francis Ford Coppola's legendary 1972 TV movie starring Kim Darby and William Shatner. I say "legendary" because it hasn't been officially released as a DVD and only exists as a subpar, blurry VHS memory (http://www.amazon.com/People-1972-USA-Ki… That's too bad because from what I heard from people who saw the original on TV nearly 40 years ago , it was magical-- just like the books.


    She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. Begins with the life of a school girl with no friends and follows her through many wrong turns until she makes a right one and finds love. The book gives us one of the most memorable characters in literature: Dolores Price.


    Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. It's a Norman Rockwell painting done in dark, mysterious tones about friendship between next door neighbors, relationships with fathers, books, libraries and a mysterious carnival that rolls into town in the middle of the night that changes everything that comes after it. Bradbury's best.


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    i hope my answer doesnt make you scream cause it seems like ur choosy about your authors {im the SAME way and also 16 so....} but i really really love Nicholas Sparks....he is so dramatic and takes you through SO MANY emotions in just one book....and the endings are always depressing.....but they are really good messages no doubt....hope this helps!!!!! :)

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    my sisters keeper

    dear john







    (the last 5 i have never read but heard are very good but emotional and intense)

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