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Medical Marijuana. THC in marijuana is the medicine? Like for nausea an stuff?

I need to clear up what the medical use for Marijuana is. And from what I understand its the THC right? It is good for having anorexics eat and easing nausea in chemo patients. Right?

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    Well yes the main one is THC, however THC is actually only one of many different cannabinoids. You have to remember that these are things that occur in nature, and nature is not perfect; EVERY single cannabis plant is different, just like every human being is different. So different cannabis plants have different cannabinoids (there are about 66 general types found in nature); however most of them are almost identical at the chemical level, and have nearly the same effects on humans, which are exactly as you cite (easing nausea, increasing appitite, etc.).

    Now with that said, there is a prescription drug called Marinol that is prescribed to cancer patients (it is essentially THC in pill form), however the response from most cancer patients is that the drug does not work very well for increasing appetite, or decreasing nausea (at least not as well as other alternatives). But it is not really that difficult to figure out that SMOKING pot does in fact increase appetite and decrease chances of nausea (so long as your not choking on the smoke, which can actually cause one to vomit; i have seen it happen). We absolutely know that smoking pot is a good way to increase appetite, and ease nausea as it is quite obvious from its effects. If you want to see why it is so obvious (if you don't already know) then try smoking pot; you will definitely feel the effects of an increased appetite, just take 1 bite and trust me you will want more. <-- lol a lot more.

    But since marijuana is federally illegal in the USA we do not really know why it is that smoking pot seems to have more vigorous effects than taking THC in pill form, as there is no real significant research on the drug (due to its legal status).

    Down in the source i provide a link to the wikipedia page and it displays all the different cannabinoids found in nature.

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    Well like Scott says there are as many different cannabis plants as there are humans and they all have different chemical make ups. now what Scott was saying about the THC pills not having the same effects is because pills cannot replicate the chemical makeup of the cannabis plant. One of the main medicinal ingredients that aids in things like decrease in nausea is down to a compound known as cannabidiol (CBD) and this combined with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds is what gives marijuana its medical benefits. So yes while THC does have some positve effects it is more down to the combination with compounds like CBD that do things like increase appetite and decrease chronic pain and nausea. There are an absolute plethora of medicinal values to Marijuana in fact it has the most medicinal uses and benefits than any other drug man made or otherwise. I my self use it as a sleep aid as i have been suffering from a chronic sleep disorder for two years which has also caused me to loose weight and it has given me my life back and there are tons of people that can say the same thing! Pretty incredible for a plant hey!

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    First of all of the prime weed offers depends upon the ratio of THC to CBN. CBN that means cannabanoids which offers you the hyper element at the same time THC slows ideas and offers you bodily and intellectual rest. Medical is grown in labs so the ratio can also be made best additionally the plant is uncovered to best developing stipulations and grown from larger great traces later in there existence span then others, reminiscent of Mach-four in its fourteenth yr. Just for a assessment schwag or low grade is approximately .05 percentage THC at the same time your high-quality traces of continual and clinical are approximately .four percentage. If any one ever tells you they've weed with extra THC they're filled with **** in view that Marijuana bodily can't produce extra THC then that in spite of genetic changing. Also simply an after notion WHITE WIDOW is extinct and if any one says they've it they're as good filled with ****. White widow used to be an robust pressure however is long past similar to pineapple categorical

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    I once got a cornial ebrasion when my dog scratched my

    eye....the iritation and pain in my eye was unberable I couldn't keep it open, until later that night when I usually smoke, I discovered once I was high the pain subsided and I could hold my eye open! I awoke in the morning with the iritation and pain and imediately reached for my bong which once again did the trick :) I was so glad I never scratched my eye when I didn't smoke weed it really would of sucked

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