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the ordinal 5354 could not be located in the dynamic link library xlive.dll. error?

I downloaded battlestations pacific and everytime i open it ^that comes up^, what can i do to fix it? i tried googling it and i read i was supposed to get an update for windows live gaming. When i tried it said i couldnt and this came up-->

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    Try downloading a copy of the DLL from this web site.

    You can download it from below :

    1. Unarchive the package.

    2. Copy DLL file in system32 folder [ C:\WINDOWS\system32 ]

    3. Click on Start > Run... To install the files, type: regsvr32 filename.dll

    4. In the end, you should receive a message saying that your file was succesfully installed/uninstalled.

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    Or try to download Games for Windows from here: install it and then run the game.Do not forgot to create a local profile to work with the saves for that game.

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