He doesn't say hi in the hall?

do you say hi to the girl you like? do guys you like say hi?

the guy i like talks to me a lot in class, but in the halls he just looks at me and doesn't say hi or anything, and wen he sees i'm looking back at him, he looks back down. this always puts me in a bad mood, but if guys don't say hi or wave or anything in the halls, i'd feel better.

he also told me he's "shy" his friend makes fun of us and calls me his "girlfriend" but i'm not so sure he likes me because when i say hi to him in the halls sometimes, it seems like he's in a huge hurry and he gets annoyed sometimes if i stop him to talk or w/e.

p.s. DYLANS A GIRL NAME TOO. i get so much annoying questions..

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Maybe he doesn't talk to you in the hallways because of all the people also in the hallways at the same time and he doesn't want people to think that you two are girlfriend and boyfriend or give that impression. He doesn't want to act like it is any big deal. He likes you but right now, he doesn't want to commit and it is not at the girlfriend/boyfriend stage yet. Girlfriends and boyfriends have no trouble saying hi to each other in the hallways, etc. I'd play hard to get some and see what he does.

  • m e
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    he probably is just nervousss around you..

    i even do that sometimes..and i'm a senior..

    the guy i like..sometimes i just find myself getting nervous (in a good way) and in the hall i'll just look then look away..while other times we talk and talk and flirt..

    so yeah it's just that he's nervous :)

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    okay he likes yo he is just shy just keep trying to talk to him nd he will come around

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