pain after open heart surgery bypass?

My grandmother whose 86 had open heart triple bypass surgery almost two weeks ago. It will be two weeks this coming Wed. Surgery went good.. She was anemic though. She is in nursing home getting rehab help. Her insurance is giving trouble on how long they will pay for her to be there. She has Humana Gold. Anyways, She is having sharp pain in her chest and in her back? Is that normal and how long can that type of pain last after open heart bypass? Thanks.

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  • 10 years ago
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    This could be normal, but it could also mean she has an infection, which is almost common here in the US. Have the doctor check her out to be sure.

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    I had triple bypass in 2002. It is normal to have some little shooting, or slight pains, due to movement of the torso etc. That is why no driving for 6 to 8 weeks, too. She is only 2 week's out. Now it is rest , move slow, etc. Your body and mentally, has gone through alot. Be patient, thing's will get better!! It take's time, now.

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