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Should I buy the Best Buy Accidental Protection Plan for my new laptop?

Should I buy the Best Buy Accidental Protection Plan for my new laptop.

Yesterday I bought from Best Buy, a brand new Sony Vaio VPCEB11FM laptop for $729.99. I love the laptop so far and am having no issues with it. I have 14 days to decide if I want to buy one of their protection plans. I am wondering if the protection plan is even worth the money however. The accidental protection plan at first glance seems like a good deal. If you accidentally break the latop in certain ways, then if it qualifies best buy will simply repair it or replace it. Are these plans a good deal? Or at they a rip off?

I am considering, simply saving up 500 to 1000 dollars for my own laptop emergency fund in case I need to ever replace or repair one my laptops. Perhaps this is simply the best idea.


Some very good answers so far! But does anyone have any supporting documentation for buying one? I just remember the best buy guy saying, "And if you check out all the sites like CNET and the others you will see they all recommend our protection plans."

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    I would stay away from any type of protection plan. I've never bought a protection plan for any laptop I've ever bought. In my opinion I've found that it's never worth the money.

    5 years ago on Black Friday I bought a Toshiba laptop for $350 without a protection plan. 5 years later that machine is still kicking (but the battery only lasts 30 minutes!). I never needed the protection plan.

    I just did some quick "Google Research" and discovered the same thing I've always suspected:

    1. Electronic stores make more money off the extended service plans than any other product. Most people aren't aware that stores only make 10% profit off electronics like laptops and desktops. They have to make up for that loss by offering protection plans and overpriced accessories! Come on, Best Buy charges $39 for a USB cable? You can get one for $7 at Walmart or $3 at eBay!

    2. Protection plans are often outsourced to companies with very poor customer service. I've read that Best Buy is NOTORIOUS for not backing up the terms of their protection plan, and making it extremely difficult to even get the work done. Not worth it.

    3. You have to wait 6 weeks or more for the defective hardware to be replaced. Waiting that long is not worth saving $150 or $200! God forbid you get stuck in a piss poor customer service repeat loop in which you wait 2-3 months for a repaired system. Forget that!

    4. You often pay for something you never need. Why pay for a service you probably will never need? It just seems like throwing good money after bad! Put $199 to good use!

    5. You're betting the odds that you laptop will fail within 2 or 3 years of purchase. My experience has taught me that they usually last 4 to 7 years before failing. Ever heard of Self Fulfilling Prophecy? Since you're even slightly believing that you system could fail odds are higher that it will actually fail! Bad vibes.

    Bottom line is that protection plans are not worth the money you'd spend. Save that $199 for your next laptop (in 2013) and be happy.

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    Best Buy Laptop Protection Plan

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    Best Buy Accidental Protection Plan

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    Maybe I'm not understanding this "accidental damage" extended warranty. Does this warranty cover only accidental damage or is the normal wear and tear stuff covered too? If everything is covered, and you choose the 3 year coverage, then you're paying full price for the computer but will have four years of coverage if I have this right. That's probably a good deal. I'd say most laptops have a lifetime of somewhere around four years at the most before serious problems arise. Laptops do tend to get "bumped" around a lot! To me it sounds like an okay deal. HP is a excellent brand and they have terrific support. Good luck in college!

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    what they won't do is more important to know, then what they will do. save two bucks a week, for a new one someday or repair.

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    yes!!!! get it!!!! omg do it!!!

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