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Is it morally wrong to masturbate while thinking of the same sex?

Me and my family are Christians. I know it is morally wrong to have sexual contact with the same sex. I also know that while it is okay to have homosexual feelings, it is not okay to act on these feelings. But my question is, is it morally wrong to masturbate while thinking of the same sex, sense masturbating is acting on these feelings? Would God find a man masturbating while thinking of another man disgusting, or wrong? I wasn't so sure, but my dad feels that it would be wrong. What do you think?

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    No I don't think it is wrong. Your mind is your own and NOBODY should be telling you what to think about when you masturbate! My opinion is: God doesn't hate gays. God loves everyone and none of us are without sin. I don't even personally think homosexuality is a sin. If someone is gay this can't be changed or prayed away. Every bit of research points to the fact that there is no "cure" for homosexuality. What we are turned on by is wired into us and it is something we can't change. We CAN however, control our choices and choose not to act on our fantasies.

    If someone is gay I think "god" or whatever made them that way and it just is. Everyone has the right to be happy in life. If this includes being gay or having gay fantasies that is YOUR business and it is between you and the person you love. I think the bigger sin is when parents disown their children and deny them love for being gay. I don't think being gay is a choice. I think if there is any kind of "god" that he wants us to be happy and LOVE one another unconditionally!

    Masturbation is a private thing and I think it is sinful and disgusting to tell someone how to think and how to touch their own body. This is none of your father's business and CERTAINLY is not the business of any pastor or church etc. Your thoughts and fantasies belong to you. Another thing to remember is: Lots of straight people have gay fantasies and some gay people have straight fantasies. Any psychologist will tell you this is totally normal. There is a BIG difference between what people think about in private and what turns them on in real life!

    Keep in mind you don't HAVE to believe in a religion. If something doesn't sound right to you, nobody can force you to believe it. There are millions of people who choose not to believe in the hype, the guilt and the hypocritical BS that religions teach. There is nothing wrong with choosing to become an atheist. It frees you from so many of these silly questions. Personally, I think it is ok to think of whatever you want when you masturbate. It is your brain, your body and your business! Even if you believe in "god" or whatever, I don't think people go to hell for thoughts otherwise heaven would be empty! Either way it is your choice and if you really have to ask someones permission to think about something maybe you should give that some serious thought too! Don't you think that people should make up their own minds about this instead of needing permission?

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    No it is not wrong. The old idea that it was wrong for a christian was because of a misinterpretation of the sin of Onan. Onan was supposed to get his dead brother's wife pregnant (which was the custom then) and because he did not want his brother's inheritance going to someone else he spilled his seed on the ground instead of into the wife. From this it was said that masturbation was wrong because it was wasting your seed. But how can that be if God who created you made it so that you would have wet dreams and spill your seed on your bed beyond your control? The only thing which can be said is that Jesus said if you lusted after another woman, then you have already committed adultery in your heart and most guys when they masturbate have fantasies which could involve actual girls/guys they know and so this could be termed sinful. It is a matter of your conscience, but God designed you with the inbuilt instinct to discover masturbation by yourself and there is no direct scripture which forbids it.

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    According to christianity it is wrong for a man to masturbate for any reason, or thinking about anything. It is also wrong according to christianity for a man to waste his seed, so any form of sex with another man that resulted in ejaculation would by definition be wrong.

    I personally am an atheist and don't care what any man thinks his god considers good or evil, but i have read several religious texts including the old and the new testament, and this is the truth according to those two books.

  • If you already know it's OK to have homosexual feelings. acting on them is the only way to find out if its for you. Masturbating is probably the BEST way to find out. If you suddenly feel disturbed, or find what you're doing to be useless, then stop. If you feel may be these feelings are something you enjoy, maybe its time to change you're preference of who you think about. And while your Father cares about you a lot, it's really your responsibility to decide what or who you desire, and what you think is beneficial for yourself and those you love.

    The ONLY thing wrong with homosexuality is that you deny men a chance to love you (which is very unfortunate for many heart-broken men like myself). Everything else; the closeness, feelings and connection to other women may be of great value to your life. And morally, fulfilling your desires is what's right, and like Gus said "if your not hurting anybody it's not wrong."

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    & Why is it not okay to act on these feelings?

    you do know that Being Gay was seen ''wrong'' by tribes because a tribe needed to survive & by doing so Woman literally got ''knocked up'' as much as possible as soon as possible.

    Having sex with the same sex whilst seeming weird to many people (naturally so our instinct is to mate with the opposite sex & reproduce offspring) isn't ''wrong'', its just how society views it.

    All i can say is never let anybody think for you, the very second you do you just become another blind-follower & its questioning everything that makes us Human. Questioning stuff gave rise to our intelligence we sought to understand, this is how Philosophy started & how Science was born through philosophy.

    Source(s): buddhist religion studies, i don't believe in denying our basic animal instinct be it in a hetro/homo-sexual context.
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    It is only morally wrong to be homosexual if you accept that as a moral requirement. Many people don't accept traditional values that tend to be anti-homosexual as being valid any more.

    As far as God is concerned, you ought to first prove or verify that God exists before you start assigning attitudes to God. If you cannot do that then you are being morally dishonest as you are pretending your beliefs are knowledge, which, clearly, they are not.

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    Do you feel it's wrong? I'd worry about that more than anything.

    If you think about females while masturbating, then you might have bigger moral conflicts down the road.

    Live a good honest life and god will reward you in the end. Don't live in fear.

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    I think that it's not wrong to think gay things and it's not bad to do gay things. People are born gay or straight. That means God made them that way and, as we all know, God doesn't make mistakes. For those who don't think you're born gay, well think of this: straight people don't have to date both genders to know they're straight; they just KNOW. Well, it's the same with those attracted to their own gender. I'm not gay, but I still think this. But to answer your questions, no it wouldn't be wrong. God doesn't judge, so if he doesn't then that means that nobody (not you, not your dad, not me, not anybody) has the right to judge something as being wrong.

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    God does not exist, Their has been no evidence of god. Their is nothing wrong with same sex thoughts, homosexuality, or masturbation in my opinion.

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    Why do you have to live in fear of your own feelings? Animals in the wild do homosexual things. We're animals as well. God created them didn't he? So no. It's not wrong.

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