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Can you translate this German exclamation for me?

Ach, du meine Fresse!

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    "Bloody hell." It's a colloquialism, not a direct translation.

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    Hi Jill, This certanly may help:

    How rude is the phrase "Meine Fresse!" - Germany

    What would be an equivalent phrase in English?

    One of my favourite German exclamations at the moment is "Meine Fresse!"

    Whilst I can translate it literally - "my gob" (I think?!) - different friends and colleagues have differing opinions to how rude it actually is.

    Leo doesn't have it listed and Google gives me anything from "My God!" to "8ugger me!" as an equivalent. Also the German preference for "5che155e!" with everything has simultaneously desensitised me to the relative "strength" and confused me to the acceptibility of swearing in general.

    Any advice? Ta in advance!



    I know I've even heard my mother-in-law say this, although she says "Ach, du meine Fresse!". I find it along the same lines as "Heiliger Strohsack!" or "Alter Schwede!" - as kyllmann says - just an expression of astonishment.

    And yeah, "Well I'll be damned" or "I'll be" is a pretty good English equivalent.


    Good luck!

    Don't forget the points :D

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  • Rain
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    it is an expression of astonishment, great surprise

    literally: oh you my trap; gob; yap; maw [coll.] (for mouth)

    Source(s): native
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    Oh you-my mouth / snout!...or Oh my mouth / snout!

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