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Must the Broncos draft a new QB?

Alright Bronco fans.. do you think the Broncos need a new QB? who and why?

I like Tim Tebow

Who thinks they should keep Orton? Orton is nice but he is not gonna win a championship that's the truth so why keep throwing seasons down the drain????

And what do you think about Mcdumb?? for me he's got to GOOOOOO


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    Not a Bronco fan but I will answer this question if you don't mind. Orton is not going to win a championship, and he is not there to do that either. He is just not supposed to loose it. After all Trent Dilfer did not win the Super Bowl for the Ravens, he just did not loose it for them. Do the Broncos need a new QB? Only if they want to get a playmaker will they go that route. Tim is not a first year difference maker, he is to raw of a QB with bad throwing mechanics to make a difference in year one. Maybe in 2 or 3 years he will be ready to take over a team. I believe they should keep Orton for now. Maybe draft a QB to replace him down the line if they really want to.

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    Tim Tebow won't be a starting NFL QB anytime soon. If you want them to get a QB to start next year, the only ones with such ability in the draft are Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford.

    I'm a much bigger fan of Clausen as a prospect, but Bradford would be a very good fit in Josh McDaniels' shotgun-heavy offense that incorporates many elements of the kind of spread offense that Bradford played in at Oklahoma.

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    Tebow did no longer do what become needed to win the QB job over Orton. The Broncos have watched Tim Tebow play in everyday season NFL video games, they have watched him prepare for over an entire season and that they've watched him play interior the preseason. The Broncos coaches and better administration understand what Tebow is able to doing because of the fact conserving their jobs relies upon on them understanding. The Broncos additionally understand what Kyle Orton is able to doing. Orton is commencing over Tebow because of the fact the coaches think of Orton provides the group a greater suitable possibility to win video games in step with what they see (and many times what followers do no longer see) on a daily basis at prepare and on a daily basis on movie.

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    Not their first priority, but yes, probably a new one because Orton talks about possibly leaving and he isn't really a championship caliber quarterback. I say they they draft someone in the 2nd-4th round, someone like Dan LeFevour or Tony Pike, possible steals at quarterback. And McDaniels started out great, and then kind of choked... Give him another year.

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    Tebow is a bust waiting to happen. Orton can be good. I don't think it's really that necessary yet. And McNabb has to stay in Philly. There's a reason that Reid wants him to stay.

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