What is a closed Gestalt?

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    I believe we are so accustomed to seeing closure that we sometimes close things that aren't.

    Gestalt principles, or gestalt laws, are rules of the organization of perceptual scenes. When we look at the world, we usually perceive complex scenes composed of many groups of objects on some background, with the objects themselves consisting of parts, which may be composed of smaller parts, etc. How do we accomplish such a remarkable perceptual achievement, given that the visual input is, in a sense, just a spatial distribution of variously colored individual points? The beginnings and the direction of an answer were provided by a group of researchers early in the twentieth century, known as Gestalt psychologists. Gestalt is a German word meaning 'shape' or 'form'. Gestalt principles aim to formulate the regularities according to which the perceptual input is organized into unitary forms.

    A closed Gestalt occurs when elements tend to be grouped together if they are parts of a closed figure. Imagine the infinity symbol (looks like an 8 on its side), this is a closed figure, a closed Gestalt.

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    i'm sure you are looking for something more than this (because if i can google it, so can you, lol) but i thought i would put it down just to get the ball rolling :)

    "The law of closure says that, if something is missing in an otherwise complete figure, we will tend to add it. A triangle, for example, with a small part of its edge missing, will still be seen as a triangle. We will “close” the gap."



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