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How big is Space?????????

Is Space Infinite?(Outer Space).

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    The origin point of the singularity (the BB event when time started expanding) is about 46.5 billion light years away in every direction in our 13.7 billion year-old universe. This counter-intuitive observation is due to the fact that new time and space is continuously being created within the singularity everywhere at once. The origin point of the universe has receded beyond our observable horizon; and note that every other point in the universe shares this same observed perspective.

    To illustrate how this can be, I have a new and "improved" balloon analogy:

    Picture our singularity universe as a balloon; you are a point in the center of the balloon and the wall of the balloon represents the BB event (the start of time). When you inflate a balloon, you blow the air in at a single point; in our singularity balloon universe, the air (time and space) is being created around every point at once - our universe has inflated beyond the volume that its mere age can account for.

    And keep in mind that although there is no such thing as an "outside" to our singularity universe, there is no reason why an infinite number of singularities couldn't exist...

    Current mainstream cosmological thought is of the opinion that the time and space will continue to unfold within the singularity forever; the universe will gradually grow cold and dark as the static matter becomes more and more diffuse and its energy entropies.

    "Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space."

    - Douglas Adams

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    Truth is we don't know... Nothing in space can travel faster than the speed of light 186,000 miles per second. What this means is that we can only see so far because light has not had time to reach earth. Basically since the universe is apprx. 13.7 billion (13,700,000,000) years old we can see 13.7 billion light years in every direction but we don't know what lies behind the light horizon most likely it's just more space. Now factor in the fact that the universe is expanding at a rate just as fast as the speed of light! So we probably won't know how big space is for a while. Just accept the fact that it's really really really big. So big that know one can really comprehend the enormous size of the universe. So big that if the universe were the size of the earth then the enitre earth would be smaller than a single photon of light.

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    By human standards, space is almost infinite. But, in reality, space must have a limit, considering the universe is still expanding. It is almost like staring into the horizon, It appears to go on forever, but it has an end, when you follow the Earth right to your back. That's why it appears infinite to us.

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    Well I'm sure that there is an end door for the universe. But i don't think we can ever reach there.

    Youtube thumbnail

    But before watching this understand the below

    1 Light Year is a distance

    1 light year = Light Travels in One Year

    Distance = velocity x time

    Distance of light traveling in one year i.e., one light year = 3x100000 kms/sec x 1 year

    = 3x100000 kms/sec x 365days x 24hours x 60mins x 60seconds

    = 9.46 x 10^12 kms ( 12 zeros )

    Now Watch !

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    area isn't something extra effective than the x-y-z coordinate gadget wherein all count of the completed universe is residing besides by using fact the empty area between our bodies. Our OBSERVABLE universe of area is constrained, and easily has a pair of 13 billion gentle 3 hundred and sixty 5 days radius. no longer something forbids there from present count previous our observable universe different than that info of this count has yet to realize our telescopes.

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    Recent science says no, but then what is beyond space?

    The universe is infinite by definition

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    Space is approximately ∞ miles or ∞ kilometers in both diameter and circumference.

    Source(s): That wheel-chair guy.
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    really big.

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