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How was the United Nations able to declare war on North Korea?

When two of the Security Council members backed the North Koreans in the 50's?


Commander Mcbragg

I meant how was the United Nations as a whole able to send the Peacekeeping Force when The Russians were one of the Secuirty Council Members.

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    Only one did that being Russia, as Tawian was China on the Security Council at that time,and the Russian ambassador got mad and walked out so the US called for a vote and jammed it through, but it wasn't a declaration of war per se but an authorization of use of force

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    Taiwan, not the Peoples Republic of China represented China in the UN until 1971. In January 1950 The Soviet Ambassador began boycotting the UN in protest that the PRC was not given China's seat. When the North invaded South Korea on June 25, 1950, the Security Council quickly slipped resolution 82 & 83 in, which authorized member states to provide military assistance. Although the Soviets argued these were illegal since they lacked unanimous approval, it was the last time the USSR boycotted the UN Security Council meetings.

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    From what I know, correct me if I am wrong, the North Koreans invaded South Korea and started the war.

    PS It was a war, not a conflict. In the US, a war is officially declared by congress otherwise it is a conflict. This war was between the Koreas by their definition of war.

    Under the guise of counter-attacking a South Korean provocation raid, the North Korean Army (KPA) crossed the 38th parallel, behind artillery fire, at Sunday dawn of 25 June 1950.[39]:14 The KPA said that Republic of Korea Army (ROK Army) troops, under command of the régime of the "bandit traitor Syngman Rhee", had crossed the border first—and that they would arrest and execute Rhee.[45] In the past year, both Korean armies had continually harassed each other with skirmishes—and each continually raided the other country across the 38th-parallel border, as in a civil war.

    Source(s): According to Wiki, I am right. Not sure where you are coming from. Wars are not started by bickering, they are started by military units.
  • at the time, the five UN Security council members were..USA, France, Britain, "Taiwan China", and Russia. One vote NO would not allow a Peace action. The Russians made the mistake of walking out when the vote was taken, thus there were 4 YES and one abstention.

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  • The U.N. didn't declare war, they "declared" U.N. member countries should all get involved to prevent anyone winning then as the fighting progressed, they fed intelligence to the North to prevent their defeat.

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    War has never been declared. Just as no cease fire has been either since the 1950's

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