Do you like to do cross country flight planning with a regular size plotter on a sectional chart or with a?

mini plotter on a WAC chart ?

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  • Bob
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    1 decade ago
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    I like arranging my flight plan based on fuel prices first then a Sectional chart if a relatively shorter cross country flight or switch to WAC charts for the longer haul when remaining up at higher altitudes. If you are just learning then they will want you to use the charts for navigation for situational awareness to confirm your position.... especially with regard to MOCAs Prohibited,restricted air space and TCAs. Note: when you mark your maps with your proposed flight path , use something that shows up well in expected lighting conditions.... especially at night. Even if you are using a wAC chart, you want to have all the Sectionals for your intended flight path. They contain all the frequencies and the TCA limits in detail. For that reason, they are required to have on board.

    I use a program that allows me the length of legs that I want to use for stops with the best fuel prices along my path then go back to the charts and see what I need to do for any deviations or permissions to enter airspace along my route at my chosen altitude. Not a bad idea to have the frequencies available in airspace below you too if you need to change from your expected flight level. You also can take advantage of flight following by the local airports you pass through or even better from the regional centers that control IFR flights even if you are flying VFR. Pick up some Low Altitude En-route Charts for IFR. They list the different remote frequencies for the centers in the area you will be flying through plus who is responsible for that section.

    In the Cherokee Archer II , I plan for 300-350 nm legs.That leaves me about 1.5 hrs of remaining fuel on board. (4.5 hrs total fuel) In the Bonanza, it is based on when I feel like stopping since it carries enough fuel for 1, 600 nm with a 45 minute reserve. (10.7 hrs total fuel) I have flown from Detroit, Mi to Lakeland, Fl. non-stopin a little over 5 hrs and when I landed still had 3/4 full left main and a completely full right main.

  • Mark
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    1 decade ago

    Sectional. Not WAC.

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