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What do big-city folks have against salt-of-the-earth small town folks?

My opinion? Well, I'm glad you've asked. I've lived in big cities and small towns, and I'll take small town folks every day of the week.

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    Some people have to have an excuse to feel superior to others. It has to do with their feelings of inferiority. I like smaller towns better myself but know that my work and many of my amusements can only come from the big city. Each has its own merits.

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    I hate small towns I find them to be claustrophobic,myopic , incestuous and devoid of any redeeming cultural values.

    I was born and raised and once again live in the most religiously and culturally diverse city on this planet >New York

    Anybody that doesn't believe that the people who live and work and play in this greatest of American cities don't work hard for their money and put in an honest day's work is totally ignorant of their subject matter

    The hard working blue collar people who keep this city going are every bit as salt of the earth as any farmer in the Midwest is

    What small town folks don't get is that a real big city like New York is a compressed collection of small towns .

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    Most of it is jealousy. They resent "ownership" and secretly loathe their lives in their cruddy little apartments and condos. The average city person has trouble getting their mind around the concept of someone owning a couple hundred acres of land for their own purposes because they think that the property should have gubbermint-funded projects for minorities on it.

    I live in a town of fewer than a hundred people but I'm only an hour away from one of the nation's largest urban areas. I go when I need some good Korean, Thai or Greek food or I need to be amused but I certainly have no regrets about having left the crime and filth for a life of peace and quiet and a world where I know all my neighbors (like them or not) and they're far enough away from me that I have no reason to feel contemptuous toward them.

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    Because when the $hit hits the fan,us small town country folk know how to survive and live off the land,whereas the the city folk are dead meat on a stick and they know it.

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    Its a difference in paths to what people believe is important to posses as their knowledge base.

    We small town folks prefer the more "blue collar" brass tacks use full information and trades.

    Large city folks believe that they are more educated and enlightened and gravitate towards less hands on info and prefer to believe their brain is enough to provide for their needs it's just an ideological difference really.

    Big city philosophy holds up as long as the society is in good shape in times of trouble and strife we little town folks have the advantage.

    Me I LIKE working with my hands and doing for myself I get satisfaction from it.

    Put me behind a desk and you would hate me as I would go nuts and be bored out of my tree.

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    Try being more diverse and live in a big city for awhile and then to a small town. You will appreciate the varying amenities of both.

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    I live in a big city of 2 mil and I have absolutley no problems with any "salt-of-the-earth small town folks". Please don't generalize.

    BTW I have 14 "guns" in my house

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    To each his own. I'm in a big City and I love my small town peeps.

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    They fear the very fact small town America is the backbone of America, and most living there hate big government!

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    We tend to own guns in small towns. Us gun owners are primitives still living in caves according to big city liberals.

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