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how long would it take to be a decent VB.Net programmer?

Also, is it necessary to learn C+ first, or can you get away with not learning it?

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    VB.Net, C++ and other programming languages would take several weeks or months to learn as they are pretty versatile and complicated programming languages to learn

    If you want to learn either or C++ then here are some resources that you can try out

    You can use a search engine like to find a whole bunch of tutorials for Visual Basic, C++, and etc.

    VB.Net tutorial

    There are many forums for Visual Basic, C++ and etc.…you can ask them for any advice and information

    VB.Net forum

    HomeandLearn has many good tutorials for using Visual Basic, Java, Web Design and etc.

    They also show you how to get free software for creating these programs

    I have found FunctionX to be very useful for learning Visual Basic, C++, etc.

    Here are some of their tutorials for VB.Net

    This website has a whole bunch of tutorials for Visual Basic, C++ and other programming languages:

    Here are some good websites for learning C++ is a really good website to learn about C++ because it shows you how to download the FREE Microsoft's version of their Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Visual C++ 2008 Express and use it to create C++ programs

    They also include many video tutorials for learning C++:

    3DBuzz has many good videos for C++ and other programming languages

    YouTube has videos for almost any subject or topic you can think of


    Good luck and I hope this helps!

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    It depends on your level of exposure to the language and what you need to do with it. Anywhere from 1 - 3 Years if you are just doing it at home 6-12 months if in a corporate environment

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    You can study VB in 1 yr at home.

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