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? asked in 科學及數學化學 · 1 decade ago

Please !

Please tell me the word equation of magnesium with hydrochoric acid .


Also , the equation of :

.Iron wool with nitric acid

Answers of :

.How do we test gas that is produced ?

.Descibe the setup for the experiment you did with the safety precautions.

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    magnesium + hydrochloric acid -->magnesium chloride + hydrogen gas

    iron wool + diluted nitric acid --> iron(iii) nitrate + nitrogen dioxide + water


    iron wool + concentrated nitric acid --> iron(iii) nitrate + nitrogen monoxide + water

    put a burning splint inside a gas cylinder which contains hydrogen gas

    "pop" sound can be heard

    pour the reactants inside a test tube/boiling tube

    cork the tube with a cork which has a small hole at the centre

    then connect the tube to a gas cylinder through water

    this method is called upward delivery

    as hydrogen gas is lighter than air and it is insoluble in water

    PS: avoid naked flame or other explosive substances around the set up

    hope i can help u

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