Does this mean I'm Bi?

I am 18 years old. I have always like females. But, idk, I find some men attractive. bu VERY few. like, young leonardo dicaprio in Titanic, not now. he got ugly. lol. but umm... i couldn't get into an emotional relationship with a man, only a female... and i like only VERY few men. Does this mean I'm Bi? Maybe just hormones? I went throuh puberty a little late.... So, maybe? Idk. I just don't want to, at some point tell my best friend or who ever I'm bi, then in a year realize I'm not. Ya know? Any Words on this matter?

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    It could just be a random feeling that you had because of all your hormones through puberty. I've seen stuff online about most straight guys having the occasional gay feeling or two during puberty because your body is going all haywire.

    Then again, maybe you're just starting to realize your bi feelings. This is kind of how I was at first. I had always had crushes on girls and found them hot. When I was in 8th and 9th grade I started finding the occasional guy or two attractive, but I thought that it was just a stage. 10th and 11th grade I started noticing that I would look at guys all the time at malls and other public places and find a lot of them hot. I still was in denial though because I had no desire for any relationship with one and had never had a crush on a guy before, i was purely interested in the sexual side of it. Now, in 12th grade, I got a huge crush on this boy at school and want a relationship with him. That finally made me realize that I actually am bisexual and its not just a stage.

    Sorry if that was long, but I just wanted to tell you how it progressed for me, so you can see if that starts happening to you! Before you tell anyone you think you're bi though, make sure you're comfortable with it and accept it yourself! I still haven't come out to anyone yet...

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