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Is the hydrogen bomb the most dangerous type of bomb?

or are nuclear or atomic bombs more dangerous?

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    Hydrogen bombs use a fission reaction to start a fusion reaction, which means more power than a regular nuclear bomb which just uses fission

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    Yes. Operation Castle Bravo in 1954, was set up by the US Military in Enewetak Atoll in the Pacific. The blast was scheduled to be about 15 Megatons. Because of this, Scientists involved placed equipment maybe 4 miles from the blast. However, the blast was stronger than expected, and most equipment was lost. But other than that, Hydrogen bombs, H-Bombs, Thermonuclear bombs, all of the same name, are the most dangerous.

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    I think the ice cap there is several kilometres thick in some places, so only some cracking up and melting will occur. All animal life will be destroyed and the fall-out will affect the whole globe. Australia, New Zealand and Southern part of South America will hear big booms and experience light earthquakes. But then what a waste to do this and the two super powers or the UN will never allow to commit such an action for the sake of environmental preservation.

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    Atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs are types of nuclear bombs. Atomic bombs rely on fission for their power while hydrogen bombs rely on fusion, and as far as I know hydrogen bombs are at the top of the food chain.

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    A hydrogen bomb takes away all the oxygen and everybody falls down dead.

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    This reminded me of Lost.

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    Silent farts are the worst.

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