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YWWE Clash of Champions pick winners and rate matches and show?

Legion Of Doom v Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten (ECW Tag Team Championship)

The Dudley Boyz v Cryme Tyme v The Bashem Brothers (WWE Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match)

Demolition v Generation Me v New Age Outlaws v Duece and Domino (World Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way)

Gail Kim v Chyna (Knockout's Championship)

Natalya v Lita v Maryse v Michelle McCool (Diva's Championship Fatal Four Way)

Beth Phoenix v Jillian Hall v Mickie James ( Women's Championship Triple Threat Match)

Rey Mysterio v Jeff Hardy v Homicide v Chris Sabin v Zach Gowen (X-Division Championship

Ultimate X Match)

Yoshi Tatsu v Chavo Guerrero v Eric Young v Davari v Brian Pillman v Kaval v Kid Kash v Spike

Dudley v Tajiri v The Brian Kindrick (Cruiserweight Championship 10 Man Battle Royal)

Cactus Jack v Ian Rotten (Hardcore Championship Hardcore Match)

Sheamus v Rob Terry (European Championship)

Shelton Benjamin v Robert Roode v Elijah Burke v Finlay v Jack Swagger v Desmond Wolfe

(Television Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

Ted Dibiase, Jr. v King Booker v Dolph Ziggler v Drew McIntyre v British Bulldog v Matt Morgan (United States Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

Hernandez v The Miz v Owen Hart v Ezekiel Jackson v Mr. Kennedy v Matt Hardy (Intercontental Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

Shane Douglas v Sandman v Mark Henry v Chris Benoit v Bobby Lashley v Stone Cold Steve Austin (ECW Championship Elimination Chamber)

1. Shane Douglas

2. Sandman

3. Mark Henry

4. Chris Benoit

5. Bobby Lashley

6. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Bret Hart v Shawn Michaels v Eddie Guerrero v Rob van Dam v Batista v Undertaker (World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber)

1. Batista

2. Rob van Dam

3. Eddie Guerrero

4. Shawn Michaels

5. Bret Hart

6. Undertaker

AJ Styles v Kane v Kurt Angle v Samoa Joe v Edge v Brock Lesnar (WWE Championship Elimination Chamber)

1. Kane

2. AJ Styles

3. Kurt Angle

4. Samoa Joe

5. Edge

6. Brock Lesner

Elimination Chamber order is listed under each match. for BA give me elimination order of each elimination chamber, and the Cruiserweight Battle Royal and tell me who was pinned in each multi person match. for the ultimate x match just give me the winner and who the #1 contender will be

and i have no idea why the cruiserweight battle royal looks off

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    Legion Of Doom (ECW Tag Team Championship)

    Cryme Tyme (WWE Tag Team Championship)

    Generation Me (World Tag Team Championship)

    Gail Kim (Knockout's Championship)

    Natalya (Diva's Championship)

    Mickie James ( Women's Championship)

    Rey Mysterio or Jeff Hardy (X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match)

    Yoshi Tatsu (Cruiserweight Championship 10 Man Battle Royal)

    Cactus Jack (Hardcore Championship Hardcore Match)

    Sheamus (European Championship)

    Shelton Benjamin (Television Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

    King Booker (United States Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

    Owen Hart (Intercontental Championship 6 Pack Challenge)

    Stone Cold Steve Austin (ECW Championship Elimination Chamber)

    Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber)

    Kane (WWE Championship Elimination Chamber)

    The show's absolute action packed with great match ups from the past and present, maybe it's just me but am giving the Overall Show a 10/10.

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    a million. Legion of Doom 2. The Dudley Boyz 3. New Age Outlaws 4. Gail Kim 5. Natalya 6. Michelle McCool 7. Rey Mysterio 8. Cactus Jack 9. Jamie Noble infant Kash Psycosis Jimmy Wang Yang The Brian Kendrick Tajiri Daivari Yoshi Tyson Kidd Chavo Guerrero (WINNER) 10. Finlay 11. Umaga 12. King Booker? 13. Shelton Benjamin 14. Christian Chris Benoit Kevin Nash Bobby Lashley "Stone chilly" (WINNER) 15. Bret Hart Chris Jericho RVD Batista HBK Undertaker (WINNER) sixteen. Samoa Joe JBL AJ Kane HHH Brock Lesnar (WINNER) 9/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    Im partnering with Justin in court,change the name,or spend 100 years in jail.

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  • YWWE is MY old E-Fed that was made to be a Development Program for YWWA. You,sir,are going to court for this. Its either you change the name, or recive the consequences!!! QUEEFACE

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  • 1 decade ago

    If all those matches happened in one night, then that would be heaps cool. But that would NEVER happen.

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